New Services for Organizers!

Would you like to evaluate the experience level and the ability of the runners that are willing to participate in your race?
Would you like to require a minimum level of experience from the participants in your race? Or to advise runners about the probability to complete your race?

ITRA has developed ITRA Point Check and Finisher Index Check services.  Simple tools for organizers to check the level of trail-runners from all around the world. This tool is based on the “ITRA points” and on the “Finisher Index” which is closely related to the “ITRA Performance Index”.

And best of all, the use of this service is included in your normal membership package!


What is it?

When a trail runner finishes a race evaluated by ITRA, she or he receives the ITRA points related to that race ranging from 0 to 6 ITRA points. These points vary according to the distance and the elevation gain of each race. Read more about the ITRA points.

How to use it?

Require your runners to have a minimum number of ITRA points obtained in X races over a given period of time, to be able to register into your race.
For example, a runner must have 4 ITRA points from a maximum of 2 races over the past 3 years.

How does it work?

When runners attempt to register into your race, your registration system “will talk” with the ITRA database to automatically check if the participant has the required number of ITRA points.


What is it?

The finisher index is an estimate of the minimum ITRA Performance Index required for runners to finish a race. This index is calculated based on the distance, elevation, and cut off time of that race.

How to use it?

Based on the Finisher Index you are able to advise runners that they may not finish as well as not allowing runners to enter if they are below a certain level.

How does it work?

When runners register into your race, your registration system “will talk” with the ITRA database to automatically check if the participant has the predefined ability level to finish the race.

How are these services different?

There can be a significant difference in cut-off times between different races, therefore runners may have achieved the required ITRA points showing that they have the appropriate past experience, but they might be slower than required to meet those cut-off barriers.

Similarly, runners may have a performance index suggesting they are fast enough to finish your race, but this index might have been achieved on a much shorter and less demanding race than your own, and so it’s not clear if they can finish it or not.

If you want more information or subscribe to his service please, contact us:  with the following email subject: Organizers new services.

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