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FAQ Runners


General information

All the races available on ITRA are added by race organizers from all around the world.
Some races are also added by our team for statistics purpose.

For a race organizer, adding their race & their result to our website is, has and will always be FREE !

At the moment, only race organizer and ITRA team members can add races & upload results on our website.
The reason behind this is that the management of the database is a huge work and requires data such as runner's full birthdate, which is not made available to the public. 
We are working hard to find alternatives solution to offer the most complete trail running calendar & runner's ranking in the world.

Your favorite race or your last race is not on our website ? You can help us ! 
If the race you are looking for is not on our calendar yet, or was there in the past but is no longer available, there is one thing you can help us with !
Contact the race organizer and ask him to register his race and forward him the guidelines to join ITRA
IT'S FREE and only requires good will

Organizer guidelines

Not yet !
At the moment, only race organizer or ITRA team members can add races & upload results on our website.

Do not hesitate to contact the race organizer and ask him to register his race on our website ! 
IT'S FREE and only requires good will

To make it even easier, you can forward him the following Organizer guidelines.

If you would like to participate in adding race & results to our website, we will launch a volunteer platform in a near future.
Do not hesitate to send us your interest through this contact button ! 


Manage my runner profile

An ITRA account is mandatory to manage your race results.

1- Create an ITRA account for free or log in your account.

2- Go to  https://itra.run/Runners/FindARunner or https://itra.run/RunnerSpace/MyAccount?manageresults

3 - Click on "Manage my results" button.

From there, you will be able to search by runner or by race : 

How to search with a runner name :

Note: If you do not find a runner profile with your name, try searching by inverting your surname and your first name, or by not entering your date of birth or nationality.
If you still can't find your result, try to search by race name.

How to search by race

Note: Specify the race name by using key-word.
For example : Stranda Fjord Trail Race search by using the key word : Stranda.
Narrow down the search to the year and country.
If the race you are looking for is not found, it means that it hasn't been registered on our website for the corresponding year. In this case, please contact the race organizer and ask him to register his race / forward him the following document containing all the guidelines to join ITRA ! 

Organizer guidelines

Once you submit a request to link results to your profile, our team will take up to a few days to approve it.

Same as the previous question :

An ITRA account is mandatory to manage your race results.

1- Create an ITRA account for free or log in your account

2- Go to  https://itra.run/Runners/FindARunner or https://itra.run/RunnerSpace/MyAccount?manageresults

3 - Click on "Manage my results" button.

Once the request made, you'll have to wait a few days that our team approves the changes !

When a runner has taken part in a trail race, the race organizer can upload for free his race results. 

Uploading the results is the responsibility of the race organizer.

Once the result has been published, a runner file is created.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to find your file or that a result does not appear in your profile:

- The organizer has not uploaded the result file into his account? Check the results here or wait a few more days or contact the organizer.
- The race is not registered in our website? Please check our calendar
- You were omitted from the result list filed by the race organizer? Please contact directly the race organizer and ask him to update his result file.
- Your surname or first name, your date of birth and/or your nationality have been wrongly entered, resulting in the creation of a new runner file. You can manage all your results from here : https://itra.run/RunnerSpace/MyAccount?manageresults

The validation of the request for "linkage" may take a few days.

Once this has been done, you will have access to all your results.

Remember also to download an identity document into your account in order to validate your identity and have a full access to the management tool of your runner profile.

You can verify your identity here https://itra.run/RunnerSpace/MyAccount


ITRA Points

Your ITRA points history is available on your runner account. Log in to your account and click here: https://itra.run/RunnerSpace/Index 

The individual scores for the runners in this race may not yet have been computed (see tab "Statistics" on your profile page - if this still shows "not yet available", the calculation has not yet been done).

The result does not appear in your profile on itra.run because this page lists only your 5 best performances from the last 36 months according to the ITRA score.

The result that you are looking for has a lower score and is therefore not shown in your profile but does appear in your Track record.

To view all the results, click on the "Race Results" on your profile page.

This option is available only to holders of an ITRA account that is linked to the profile in question.

If necessary, carry out the steps given below for merging results.


ITRA Performance Index


If your score is shown as "not yet available", it means that the score has not yet been calculated.

Our statistician audits the listed races manually to check that the results are consistent. This final audit takes time and is the reason for any delays you may encounter between the publication of the results and of the scores for the race.

Please note that we process and publish results and scores in the following order:

"Elite" races (in order to update the world rankings); ITRA member races; Races with a large number of participants; and dependent on the date when the results are submitted to us, not the date of the race.

We apologize for any delay and, to the best of our ability, endeavor to ensure that your records are updated as quickly as possible

The result may already be linked to another ITRA account (one you set up earlier?). If this is the case, contact us by email at contact@itra.run

It is also possible that we could not verify that the result to be linked is yours because of inconsistencies in the information supplied.

Try uploading an ID to your account in order to validate your identity, then repeat the linkage request.

To verify your identity and upload your ID click on “My Runner Space” and then click on “My Account” and scroll down and click on “Verify your identity”.

If your request is still not accepted, contact us by email (contact@itra.run) with your username (ITRA account) and details of the profile to be linked. Please also attach proof (diploma or certificate) of your result in the race in question.

Moutain Level & Finisher Index

The Moutain Level expresses the "Moutain difficulty" of a race, on scale from 0 to 12.
If a race has a Moutain Level close to 12, it means that the ratio between vertical gain and  overall distance is high. (i.e : 40km /4000m+ vertical gain)
Oppositely, if a race has a low mountain level, it means that the vertical gain compared to the global distance is quite low. (i.e: 40km / 200m+ vertical gain)
To be calculated, the Moutain Level takes into account the ratio between vertical gain and overall distance.
It also looks at the average race altitude, the longest vettial ascent) This parameter is automatically calculated the same way for all the races. 

The Finisher level gives an estimation of the minimum Performance Index required to be able to finish a race within the race's maximum allowed time.
The calculation is automatic and is based on our Performance Index.
Please note that the value given is just an indicator.
Example : On a 30km / 1700m+ race, the maximum time allowed to finish the race set by an organizer is 07:00:00 hours.
The Finisher Level for this race is 290
It means that, if you want a good chance to be able to complete the race within the deadlines, your Performance Index (PI) should be at least 290.
For this same race, if the maximum time allowed was 05:00:00, the Finisher Level would be 410
This criteria is especially useful for beginner and/or for long distance races.
It helps you to estimate if you have the required level to have a good chance to become a finisher within the deadlines !

ITRA Membership

To become a member, you need first to create an account, from our homepage click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button and then choose "I am a runner". If you have already an account, log in by clicking on "Sign in" then on your “My Runner Space” in the dropdown list clicking over your log in username and then go to “BECOME A MEMBER”.

To take out a runner insurance, you must be have an up to date membership.

To purchase the runner insurance, click here !

The General Conditions of Insurance can be found below:

Annual Contract: https://itra.assurinco.com/themes/itra/cgv/ITRA_Contrat_Annuel_4433_en.pdf

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