Adopt the WildinisM! Sport without artifice

The WildinisM project has the ambition to engage the various players in outdoor sports to a more responsible, autonomous and sustainable practice. Carried since its origin by the association Robin des Montagnes, it benefits today from the support of two notorious associations. On the one hand, Mountain Wilderness, pioneer of the mountain environment’s protection around the world since more than 30 years. On the other hand, the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), present in more than 150 countries, of which the main goal is to take care of the well development of trail-running worldwide.
Dreamed up by a handful of athletes passionate by the mountains, the project is simple:
« Our goal is not to stigmatize, to arbitrate or to judge but to encourage, to debate and to support the nature sports community to progress and to think together about tomorrow’s outdoor sport as an environmental education tool. »
Under simple proposals, WildinisM provides a continuous improvement program of "7 STEPS" to Nature. This program is for the practitioners, the organizers, the various associations and outdoor federations.

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