Sustainability and Trail Running

As trail runners we share several values, one being our mutual respect for the environment. It’s our belief that part of the unspoken culture of trail running is that we are unified by our foundational beliefs. ITRA has developed an ethical charter based on these values of trail running. As the popularity of trail running grows so does the need to discuss a sustainable approach to the sport through respect for the places where we practice.


ITRA is committed to giving voice to all parties within trail running working to promote the sport in an environmentally sustainable way. In this regard we are excited to share a new initiative by the Killain Jornet Foundation, the Outdoor Friendly Pledge. The Pledge provides specific sustainability initiatives as guided by the Paris Climate Accord and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they can be applied to those of us involved in the sport of trail running. Several of these goals align with ITRA’s values, found here.

We look forward to seeing more sustainable ecological movements such as this within the sport of trail running and will be releasing a comprehensive list of resources on our website soon.

What would you like to learn more about in regards to sustainability? Please, send us a message

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