Trails of the week - May 16/22

Each week, ITRA proposes to discover trail-running races from around the world. This week, we are going to travel in France, UK and Italia. The world is trail ! 

Trail de Haute Provence / France 

The Trail de Haute Provence takes place in Forcalquier - Montagne de Lure, located between Luberon, the Ventoux and the Durance. The local saying is a true appeal to participants who still hesitate to run this race : "We are happy here, you'll be too".

150 volunteers will work on the five routes proposed for runners throughout the week end. Over the trails, riders will discover the varied landscapes of Haute Provence, but also the many climbs in the program, trails in the forest or on the ridges and some technical singles.

The Ultra route will offer 77 Km and 3500 D +, in solo or duo, while the Marathon de Lure and the Trail des Bories will offer challenges of 47 Km for 2300 D + and 27 Km 1300 D + respectively. On Sunday, the Mourres Trail (16 Km 600 + D) and the Femina Trail Tour (8km, 260 D +) will start. A real weekend of trail !

Jurassic Quarter / UK

The Jurassic Quarter is a new trail-running race of 46 Miles, traced along the trails of the southwest coast of the UK. The course covers almost half of England's only natural World Heritage Site, The Jurassic Coast.

The task will be brutally simple for each runner : to run non-stop from Portland Bill Lighthouse to the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast at Old Harry Rock's. This challenge can be undertaken as a solo, relay team of two or relay of four. The atmosphere is of keen and friendly rivalry.

Along the 46 miles of mesmerising coastline there are innumerable steep climbs and descents. This is the ultimate trail runner's rush. Be under no mistake, every runner must be well prepared both mentally and physically.

Grand Raid Delle Prealpi Trevigiane / Italia 


Located about 50 km from Venice, the Grand Raid Delle Prealpi Trevigiane is a challenging trail running race with a real mountain level. During this long day trail, riders can admire the scenery of the Dolomites to the north, while in the south, the Venice lagoon will be visible.

Regarding the route, it includes some difficult passages, although overall, the route is perfectly marked, including trails in forest and vast grassy ridges. To reach the finish line, participants must run the entire long ridge prealpine from Segusino to Vittorio Veneto. In the relay race, the first rider will start to Passo San Boldo, covering 37 Km to 2500 meters of elevation gain, while the second runner will take over until the finish, running for his part 33 Km and 2000 meters of elevation gain.

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