International study on trail runners

As a non-profit association representing trail running worldwide, it is one of ITRA's actions to provide the trail community with relevant information about the evolution of our discipline. This survey has been realized with the aim of being useful to as many people as possible and to bring valuable and constructive elements to all the trail running actors.

After 2 disrupted years, life is getting back to normality and trail running events have restarted in most of the countries. Our community is finally able to meet again, and fully enjoy the sport we all love. ITRA has carried out a worldwide survey to discover more about our trail runners, their behavior, and habits while training and racing.

This survey was a great success and obtained over 9514 participants from 104 countries. With such a high participation rate, this survey reveals crucial information about runners' behavior and habits and shows current trends in trail running around the world.

We would like to thank all the respondents for participating in the survey.    We hope that you find the survey results interesting, as we certainly do. If you would like us to conduct surveys on other topics in the future, do let us know.

See the results below:
-> International study on trail runners (English version)
-> Etude internationale des traileurs (Version Française)
-> Estudio internacional sobre los corredores de trail (Versión en español)
-> 越野跑人群习惯画像 (中文版)

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