Races of the week - April 18-24

Each week, ITRA proposes to discover trail-running races around the world. This week, we are going to travel from Germany to China, but also Spain and Denmark. The world is trail !

Harzer Hexenstieg Eventtage / Germany 

The Hexenstieg Ultra, in Germany, is the only race in Europe were runners have to cross a complete Mountain Area with an own climatic area twice a time. Every year the runners are surprised by the rough weather, but also by the number of Km (more than 200 !) and elevation gain.

This year, 80 runners will be on the start line. They'll need to be strong and ready to fight during more then 200 Km because the weather could be very difficult for all of them : the organizers expect snow and heavy winds during the second night of the race...


Penyagolosa Trails / Spain

On 23 and 24 April a new edition of Trails Penyagolosa Sport HG will be held. A sporting challenge, formed by the classical MiM and CSP, which is part of the cultural and sport history of the Valencian Community.

Penyagolosa Trails® CSP is an ultra trail with an accumulated rise of 5,439 meters and 4227 meters lowering slope. Exit to the sea level, the race ends at the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. As a matter of semi-self-sufficiency, 1,500 participants have a maximum of 28 hours to complete.

In the 50s, a group of mountaineers and hikers decided to play local tradition to reach the sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa from Castellón. This adventure, coupled with a recovery job of ancient roads, resulted in the Sender of the Full Moon (Lluna Plena), GR-33, which connects the city of Castellon with the peak of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. In the 90s it went from a march of two days to one a day. Born then the Pujada a peu Castello Sant Joan de Penyagolosa and, a few years later, in 1998, the MiM Marató i Mitja (63 km). From then until now, almost 20 years of experience in organizing sports events through mountain paths of ancient pilgrimages steeped in history and tradition.

This 2016 Penyagolosa Trails continues with the firm intention to take care of even the smallest detail so that runners can enjoy the mountains of Castellón. In the medium-term objective of the organization it is clear: to position the province as a leader in the national and international racing series mountain. And do it with the values and philosophy in working year after year: spread the natural, scenic and cultural environment Castellón; combine outdoor sport with respect for nature; fostering cooperation of agents, entities and bodies, as well as the realization of cultural and sports activities for society.


Julso Ultra / Denmark 

The Julsoe Ultra is a trailrunning race in the most scenic and hilly terrain in Denmark, with two races of 33 and 55 km. The forests around Silkeborg are the largest coherent forest-area in all of Denmark, and the organizers have handpicked the finest trails they can find, to give to all participants a beautiful and challenging course.

The 55km route goes all the way around Lake Julsø, while the 33km route crosses the lake at one of the narrowest points. There is no bridge, so the participants while be ferried across !

And, though Denmark is known to be a flat country with no mountains, the runners will find a lot of short and steep hills, that will challenge all the fiercest mountainrunners...


UTSZ / China

The UTSZ will offer two races of 30 Km and 60 Km to the participants. This is a perfect race to discover the trails in China and a part of his history.

Runners will start from the Dongshan Temple, and after passing by a short disance of field, they'll enter into the hill trail and cross the mountaineous local area. They'll run an ancient road paved with trees surrounding to reach the top and see beautiful landscapes. The race is not an easy one, with more than 3700 D+ in 60 Km, with some technical trails and a lot of climbing/descending trails.


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