The last news about the 2018 Trail World Championships

The 2018 Trail World Championships will start on May 12th in Castellón. The race will be a 85.3 km with 4,900m of elevation gain and 3,690m of elevation loss. The temporary list of runners and delegations promise a really great competition!


With his two titles of Short and Long Trail World Champion, the Spaniard Luis Alberto Hernando (ITRA Performance Index 921, picture) will be present to try to expand his list of hits. The competition is going to be severe with the other participants. The two Americans, Tim Freriks (ITRA PI 912) and Zach Miller (ITRA PI 905) comfortable on long distances, may move ahead and take the first place. On the outsider side the list is long and the forecast should be difficult to predict. Third at the 125 km of Transgrancanaria results in February, the Spanish Cristofer Clemente (ITRA PI 879) is determined to make history on May 12th 2018. Iceland will be well represented by Thorbergur Jonsson (ITRA PI 872, picture) known to regularly put in fast performances. The French are eagerly awaited with Cédric Fleureton (ITRA PI 892) favored by his triathlon career, who will manage his race flawlessly. Then Nicolas Martin (ITRA PI 894, picture) Vice Short Trail World Champion (2017) and Sylvain Court (ITRA PI 890) both really well-trained. Very nice performances are expected at these Trail World Championships. 


Photo credit : José Miguel Muñoz : Penyagolosa Trails HG 2017

On the women side, Caroline Chaverot (picture) “Queen of the discipline” and first of the ITRA Performance Index (806), wants to keep her first position of Long Trail World Champion (2016). The competition will be tight with the two French, Adeline Roche and Amandine Ferrato, who both have 761 ITRA Performance Index and they arrived one behind the other during the last Short Trail World Championships (2017). The competition is getting more complicated with the American Clare Gallagher (ITRA IP 769) and the Swiss Jasmin Nunige (ITRA PI 766) who wish to concretize their rise to power. The outsiders promise to up the challenge. The local power, Laia Cañes (ITRA PI 737, picture) knows the route perfectly after her victory at MIM (one of the Penyagolosa’s race) last year. At home she must do everything possible to win.  Regarding the Canadian Anne-Marie Madden(ITRA PI 749), usually fast on short distances, she could be full of surprises for these Championships. The Portuguese, Fernanda Verde (ITRA IP 630, picture) will participate at the Trail World Championships for the seond time and she wants to make her mark forever in Spain. A great competition is expected.


Bolivia and Peru will participate for the first time in the Trail World Championships! Runners have been selected thanks to several national selection races. In front of the teams accustomed to podiums, the competition will be tough, but Bolivians and Peruvians must be extremely motivated.


The 2018 Trail World Championships in Castellón are only open to runners selected by their national federation or association member of the IAU, each country has their own selection procedure. The definitive list from the national delegations will be unveiled on April 15th. The  provisional list on March 30th  is: Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Equator, France, Spain, Iceland, Italy, India, Japan, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA.


The daily updated list of selected participants: 
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