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Asia – China - Hong Kong 100

This year’s Hong Kong 100 ultra-endurance race saw the racers take on the classic distance of 103km and as well as the new 56km race.

The 103km course started in Pak Tam Chung on the Sai Kung Peninsula and covered some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong. Included in this challenging race are remote beaches, ancient forests, nature trails, reservoirs, and steep climbs.  The course is based around Hong Kong's famous Maclehose Trail; however, it also includes strategically placed detours to ensure runners experience all the most beautiful locations. The race finishes with a fast descent from Hong Kong's highest peak (Tai Mo Shan).

The 56km follows the first half of the full course, this gives all runners the opportunity to experience some of the best scenery that Hong Kong's parks have to offer.

This is a unique, challenging, and beautiful run for the trail running enthusiast and a great chance to take part in an unforgettable event.

See videos and photos from this year’s race on the events website and social media!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HongKong100/

Website: https://www.hk100-ultra.com/

The race results, please click here: https://itra.run/page/328/Results.html

The race was a great start to the year for many athletes, with the results showing this event is one of the most competitive in the world at this time of the year.


The results of Hong Kong 100 for:

Top women winners:

1. Fuzhao Xiang, time: 11:28:21, China: points - 797

2. Veronika Vadovicova, time: 11:47:40, Slovakia: points - 776

3. Ragna Debats, time: 12:03:52, The Netherland: points - 758

Top men winners:

1. Peiquan You, time:  10:00:17, China: points - 914

2. Jing Liang, time: 10:33:39, China: points - 866

3. Guomin Deng, time: 10:38:24, China; points - 860


Hong Kong 100 was the first event in the series of UTWT in 2020.

The full series calendar can be seen in the video below:

Europe – Poland – Winter Half marathon in the Table Mountains

Fancy running in a Winter Wonderland? This 21-kilometer race follows challenging course before taking competitors on a tough stair climb, leading to a hilltop finish line!

The Winter Half marathon in Table Mountain in Poland is a great start to the winter racing season as well as being a great opportunity to check your form at the beginning of the year

Although the weather may be cold, you will be welcomed with a warm tea at each checkpoint and a well-deserved beer at the finish.

The race finish is located right next to the border with the Czech Republic, so after you finish, you can enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland landscape at the border of these two countries!

The race location provides an excellent opportunity to rest and enjoy some quiet time. Or if you prefer an active rest you can also spend some time after the race visiting the rocky forest or the cross-country ski fields, followed by an evening at one of the best after-race concerts featuring ska music!

If you are looking for a place to find some peace and quiet or a winter adventure - the Table Mountains on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic is for you!


You can also check out other races organized by the same team at http://www.maratongorstolowych.pl/zimowy-polmaraton

See the race results: https://itra.run/page/328/Results.html

North America, Arizona - Coldwater Rumble 2020

The Coldwater Rumble follows the winding desert trails at the foothills of the Sierra Estrella mountain range.

This race designed to showcase a different racing style which based on the concept of running loops, in which the direction of the course change after each loop. This type of race has been nicknamed the “washing machine”.

Be ready for an adventure and an entirely new type of experience. The 100-mile race will complete 5 loops of the 20-mile circuit, with all the shorter distances also using the same course.

The distances to choose from: 100M | 52M | 52K | 20M | 20K | 4M

Event place: Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Goodyear, AZ

This race features all the different trail conditions you would expect to find in the desert, including crushed granite single track, rocks, boulders, sandy trails, and old jeep roads. This race is perfect for runners looking to put all their different types of trail skills to the test.

The Coldwater Rumble is the fifth race in the Aravaipa Running – Desert Runner Trail Series, Arizona’s premier trail & ultra-run series. Find out more about this race series organized by the Aravaipa Running on their website:

The race organizer has many more new and exciting places to be discovered during the year! So, check out their events space!

The website link you may find in the calendar: https://itra.run/page/290/Calendar.html


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