How to link race results with an ITRA members account?

Are you missing some of your race results in your runner space on our website? Are your results listed under multiple different runners? You can easily link your results to your account on our website!

Please read the text below carefully as it explains many of the common problems.

Are the race results you are looking for published on our website?

To add a result to your runner account the race must appear on our website, which means the organizer must have uploaded the race results. To check this, please consult our calendar and/or the result page.

If the race does not appear in results/listing, it may be for one of several reasons:

  • If the race does not appear in our calendar: It means that the organizer did not register the race or renew their existing race for the current year. If organizers do not register their event, we are unable to publish the results.
  • If the race appears in our calendar but not in the result page: it means that we have not yet received the result file from the organizer, if this is the case, (and your race was more than a week or two ago) please contact the organizer and ask if they have uploaded the results to their ITRA space. Once uploaded, results can take a day or two for us to process.

Please note: we do not accept result file or individual results from runners, the organizer must upload his results in the format specified during race registration for it to be usable on our website.

Organizers must renew their races every year on our website! Therefore, it is possible that some races that have been registered on our website in previous years do not appear for the current year.

How to link a runner file to my ITRA account?

Connect to your account on Click on Runner Space > My account > Personal information > Linkages.
Select "Link my account to a runner space. "Select each file corresponding with your results and click on "Link the pages ticked."

If you can’t find a file with your name, try reversing your first name and last name, or excluding your birth year or nationality.
I've checked the result page and found my race, but my result is missing from the file published on ITRA's website, what can I do?

You must contact the organizer and ask them to upload a new full version, including your result, into their ITRA account. We are unable to add individual results to existing results files.

What is the Mistakes page?

Once your ID document uploaded and validated, you'll be able to deal with the following mistakes:

  • The merge with another profile/performance page that is already in our database and is yours.
  • The removal of a result that is not yours but appears on your profile/performance page.
  • The addition of a result that appears in the profile/performance page of someone else.

Why are my results listed in multiple runners file?

It is the race organizers who upload the race results into their ITRA space. When we receive the results, we check and upload them to our website.
Once the result file is processed, each individual result is either linked to an existing runner in our database, or, if no runner with the same details exists, a new runner file is created.

There are several reasons why you may not find your result or why it is not automatically linked to your account.

  • There is an error in the family name, first name, date of birth and/ or nationality,
  • You do not appear in the file sent by the organizer.
  • No files have been received from the organizer.
  • You have not yet participated in an ITRA registered race.

VERY IMPORANT! To avoid creating a duplicated file and to ensure that all your results are correctly linked to your account. please remember to always register with the same information: first name - family name - birthdate (DD-MM-YYYY) – nationality (not country of residence).

In our database, we have almost 1.6 million runners so it is very common to see people with the same name and surname. To correctly assign the results, the nationality and the date of birth are important.

If the information delivered by the race organizers does not match any of our existing runners, a new runner is created on our system.

Why do I need to validate my identity?

We currently have 1.5 million runners results in our database, when we link members to their runners accounts, they have the ability to modify their race result which may impact their qualification points and their Performance Index, therefore we need to make sure that the person claiming the race results is the person who has done the hard work to fish all the races. The validation of identification also helps to capture any mistakes in the account details which helps to find lost results.

Therefore, before you can modify or add multiple results in your profile, we must verify the identity of each runner. An official document (identity card, passport) with your full name, date of birth and nationality is required to confirm your identity.

To validate your identification, connect to your account on Click on Runner Space > My account > Personal information > Linkages then click on ‘Verification of my identity’ in the bottom left corner of the page.

We do not keep your identification documents; they are used to confirm your identity and are immediately deleted from our database.
If your identity has been confirmed you have much greater access to modify your account results, such as access the "mistakes" page. When your request is approved, all your results and ITRA points will be in the one profile!

Please note: the requests are not automatically validated; it may take a few days to process.

I made a mistake when creating my account

If you made a mistake when creating your account such as, misspelling, incorrect date or country, the easiest way to fix this mistake is to validate your identity using the steps above. When you upload your identity document, we will change your account details to include the correct information.

If you made a mistake when creating your account, please do not try to create a new account, this can lead to many issues linking results. If you cannot access your account, please contact us for help rather than creating a new account.

I followed all the steps explained above, but I can't find my result!

If you can't find a result of a race you took part in, please give us: the full name of the race and your time/ranking and send it to us at the contact email:

Please try to combine the runner’s files as described above before your email us, linking of accounts can be processed much quicker through our website.

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