Return on Ultra-Trail Harricana Canada

“Helene Dumais and David Jeker win the Ultra-Trail Harricana”

“16 000$ collected for Multipe Sclerosis Society of Canada”

September 21st, 2015 It took David Jeker 12h 53 and Helene Dumais 15h 40 to complete the longest race on a linear trail in Quebec. They are the winners of the Transcharlevoix, a 125 kilometers long race.

1 200 runners participated in one of the five races organized during the Canadian Ultra-trail Harricana (UTHC). It was based in the Mont Grand-Fonds ski resort, at La Malbaie in Charlevoix.

50 of these athletes completed the distance of 125 kilometers, 200 the Leblanc Martineau Saint-Hilaire Valeurs mobilières Desjardins 65 km. Another 200 completed the Momentum Technologies 28 kilometers race and 450 the Sail 10 kilometers.

“With this fourth edition we experienced a vast array of emotions”, proclaimed CEO Sebastien Côté. “We are proud to have allowed all of these athletes to outrun their limits in the Charlevoix wilderness”.

Sebastien Chaigneau, winner of the 28km race and honorary president of the 2015 edition of the UTHC, describes this event as “memorable” and “highly professional”. “This race respects international standards. The route, the landscapes and the organization have all impressed me”, declared the internationally acclaimed runner.




1. David Jeker               Canada     12:53:24

2. Sébastien Henri         France      15:02:44

3. Nicolas St-Vincent     France      15:11:44


1. Hélène Dumais         Canada      15:40:54

2. Sophie Limoges        Canada      15:57:47

3. Renée Hamel            Canada      17:02:21


The Utra-Trail Harricana is proud to announce that its participants have collected 16 000$ to fund research against multiple sclerosis. In the event’s fours years of existence, over 60 000$ have been collected for research and to support those suffering from this illness. The UTHC wishes to warmly thank the contributors.


Since its creation, four years ago, the UTHC has become a leading member of the trail-running race scene. It has twice won the title of best athletic event in eastern Canada decided by the readers of Get Out There magazine. It is marker of the end of their athletic season for hundreds of runners. Tired of running on concrete, trail-running is booming in Quebec. Runners are heading for the mountains for a closer relationship with nature and new emotions. Ultra-racing is also in the spotlight. In addition to the 125km race, the UTHC also organized a 65km ultra-race. Runners could also take part in races of 5km, 10km or 28km. Registrations for the 2016 edition are already open!

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