Trails of the month - January 2018

Let's have a quick overview of a selection of some trail races that kicked of the 2018 season. Such as some little trails to kick off the season or some other Ultra-Trail® like a famous Vibram® Hong Kong 100. Watch below specificities and results of these races.

Vibram Hong Kong 100 

The Vibram Hong Kong 100 is the first QUARTZ Event of the year. The spotlight is on runner’s health in this race. Runners were invited to take a “health race number” to support Ultra Sports Science’s medical research projects. If you want more information about QUARTZ Program click here : 

hong kong 100 2018

During the race, runners had the pleasure to run along coastal paths and across stunning sandy beaches. With an amazing view, runners had to run more than 96 km with 4830  climb and -4370 m descent. During the race records were smashed. At only 22 years old, Miao Yao, with a 768 ITRA performance Index, crossed the finish line almost 40 minutes inside Núria Picas’s record in 10:40:52. In the men’s race Min Qi won first place in only 9:28:36 breaking François d’Haenne’s previous record of 9:32:36. Congratulations to all finishers. For the raceresults click here: 

Winter Trail of “Les Coursières” - FRANCE

On January 14th many runners chose the Trail des Coursières to kick off the season. This event is made up of two beautiful trails. The first one was 15 km long with 540 D+ and the other race was 31 km long with 1160 D+. A total of 1575 runners enjoyed this race across forests and beautiful hills not far from Lyon in France - an excellent to open the season. To get results click here:

Trail hivernal des coursieres_2018

Ultra-Trail® d’Angkor - CAMBODIA

The Angkor Ultra-Trail® took place on January 19th and 20th in Siem Reap, one of the most treasured archaeological sites in South-East Asia. At the heart of the Khmer kingdom this Ultra-Trail® weaved 128 km through the temples of Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s protected natural surrounding. To consult race’s results click here:[8 


Trilhos Dos Abutres - PORTUGAL

January 27th: ULTRA TRILHOS DOS ABUTRES® is a semi self-sufficiency race. This race crossed the paths and tracks of the Serra da Lousã – Miranda do Corvo and Vila Nova – with approximate distance of 50 km and 2,500 D+. It was a technical race for all finishers who got 3 ITRA points. Congratulations to every finisher! For more information click here: 

Thrilos Dos Abrutes 2018

Le Treg ® - CHAD

On January 31st, from Guelta d'Archeï, across the Ennedi plateau in the North of Chad it was the third edition of long natural race. The name “Treg” is a lovely contraction of the words “TRAIL” and “REG”. The first is about our favourite sport, the second is the name of these  fascinating desert area. This race is accessible only the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts. It is a non-stop race requiring self-sufficiency and self-navigation using a GPS and road book. Runners had to cross huge, arid expanses of sandy and sometimes rocky terrain. This unspoilt region is exceptionally beautiful - an authentic and serene natural environment perfect practice of trail running. 
The Treg® has three race distances: Treg® 180 km with 2400m D+ (6 ITRA points), Treg® 90km with 1600m D+ (4 ITRA points), and the Treg® Marathon 45 km with 800m D+ (2 ITRA points).

Le TREG 2018

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