The ITRA on UTMB week

The ITRA will be present during the UTMB week (August 22 - 28th). More than 7500 runners, many trail organizers and players, and a lot of opportunities to meet you in Chamonix.

Have a drink with the ITRA Team - On Wednesday, August 24, at 9pm

Wednesday 24th, at 9 pm, the ITRA invites you for a drink in « Café La Terrasse », in the center of Chamonix, very close to the UTMB finish line. Feel free to come, share your trail-running experience and have a drink with our team.

The ITRA and the health policy

For all UTMB races, the health policy will be implemented by ITRA, in coordination with the association Athletes For Transparency (AFT). Many health controls, in parallel with antidoping policy, will be held. The health policy aims to protect the runners’ health. If an anormal result is found, the runner can be prohibited to run and his case transmitted to official antidoping structures, as already done in the past.

3rd International Congree Medicine and Science in Ultra Endurance Sports - From Sunday, August 23 to Tuesday, August 25

Dr Marty Hoffman started, in 2014, an annual conference within the framework of the Western State Endurance Run. The 3rd, under the aegis Ultra Sports Science will take place this year in Chamonix August 21st - 23rd within the framework of the UTMB®. The aim is to facilitate the meeting between experts specialising in ultra-endurance, to diffuse the recent results of research projects and to broadcast them to all players involved with ultra-endurance.

Trail World Championships Press Conference - On Friday, August 26

A press conference will be held by ITRA on August 26th, 11.30 am, at Héliopic hotel. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 Trail world Championships will be released. The work in progress about the futur format of the event will be also presented. The relations between ITRA and IAU will be developed, before to present the health policy implemented by ITRA on the TWC since 2005.

First meeting of the new ITRA commission - International elite athletes

To ensure a better representativeness for runners in the topical subjects of trail-running, the ITRA recently opened a new commission for international elite runners. This new ITRA commission led by Nathalie Mauclair, as runners representative in ITRA, will organize his first working meeting during the UTMB week in Chamonix.

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