As of February 6, 58 nations have confirmed their participation in the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, to be staged in early June, much to the delight of the Georg Dornauer, person in charge of sports-related topics in the Tyrolean government, and Alexander Pittl, head of the organizing committee.

At the Mountain and Trail Running World Championships in the Innsbruck-Stubai region, Italy has the largest delegation with 61 people.

The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships (WMTRC), which are set to take place in Innsbruck and Stubai from June 6 to 10, are causing a global stir. Four months prior to the title races, 58 national associations have already signed up, equalling more than 1,200 athletes and an additional 200 coaching staff to be expected in Tyrol.

So far, with a total of 61 members, Italy is likely to send the biggest delegation. Austria’s southern neighbor is planning on exploiting the full potential of 48 athletes for the ten contests. Other nations with large contingents are Argentina (58), Spain (55), France (51) and the US (50).

“It is great to see that the name ‘Tyrol’ is known the world over and bears a weight,” says Georg Dornauer, deputy governor of Tyrol, and at the same time person in charge of sports-related topics. “Anyone coming to Tyrol knows that they can expect an event of the highest level and comfort. Personally, I am looking forward to the WC – the event will allow Tyrol to prove its extensive competence in terms of sports, events and the hotel industry. And the local population will be able to enjoy the world’s best athletes competing in a running discipline that keeps gaining in importance.”

Alexander Pittl, head of the organizational committee adds: “We based our plans and strategy on the expectation of welcoming around 60 nations, and we will likely reach and surpassed this number. I am even more delighted about the fact that we will indeed be welcoming the entire world - we are expecting teams from New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong as well as from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Argentina, Chile and Mexico – let alone the European nations, where almost every country from Iceland to the Ukraine to Malta is represented.”

The final number of participants will only be definite in early May. Until then, the organizing committee and the international associations - World Athletics (WA), International Trail Running Association (ITRA), World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) and International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) - are hoping to accept the applications of many more national associations.

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