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Madagascar: Trail of the Red Island

The sixth edition of Trail of the Red Island which will take place in the Malagasy West from May 17 to 31 2019

With limited participants, this race is friendly and aims to raise funds to help local structures.
trail de l'ile rouge

Runners will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere as they run the Malagasy trails and will savour this unique experience.
For your information, we have been integrated into the Trace de Trail platform: https://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/73918 

Here are pictures from 2018 edition for those who already want to dream:

Italy: Liguria Alvi Trail Liguria 2019

Alvi Trail Liguria 2019 is a 400 km trail stage race with 8 stages over 8 days. The race takes place in liguria, a region of Italy, situated in the north-west, between southern France and Tuscany.

The race starts from Dolceacqua (IM), on June 15 and finishes in Porto Venere (SP), June 22.
Runners will pass through Ligurian Alps and Apennines, along the famous Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and the Alta Via delle Cinque Terre, crossing 7 natural regional parks.
alvi trail liguria

It is a beautiful race, technical and hard but never dangerous, exposed or unsafe. An ideal race for those who want to challenge themselves on long distance trails for the first time.

The Alvi Trail is a wonderful journey in the ligurian inland, the Entroterra Ligure, is to live a fantastic adventure in the beauty of the great variety of landscapes, the mountains paths overlooking the sea, the warm hospitality of the people of the stage-villages. It will be an unforgettable experience that you'll keep in your heart.

Alvi Trail Liguria 2019 proposes 4 recorridos:
  • ULTRA 400K:              405,20 km / 17.370 m+ / 8 etapas
  • ADVENTURE 200K:     213,30 km /   7.750 m+ / 8 etapas
  • ALPS 60K:                   59,80 km /   3.680 m+ / 1 etapa
  • SEA 50K:                     51,80 km /   1.940 m+ / 1 etapa

United States: The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington D.C.

The North Face Endurance Challenge returns to Algonkian Regional Park, Great Falls Park and the Potomac Heritage Trail on April 27th 2019. The course keeps runners on their toes with ever-changing terrain consisting of mainly single and double track with a some road in mix.
the north face challenge washington dc

This is 838 acres of outdoor adventures in Algonkian Regional Park, located in Sterling, Virginia.

France: Trail Drôme

This year, the Drôme Trail is the only race in France will offer qualification to the Trail World Championships to be held on June 8th in Portugal. All the contenders for the French trail-running team will be there with Philippe PROPAGE, the national coach, observing what will be a very strong race with the best French trail runner competing. The organizers are proud and honored to host a race of this level in Buis-les-Baronnies with a total of 2000 runners.
Trail Drome

This year again the level promises to be high. In the past two years, either individually or in teams, the men's and women's French teams have been on the podium at the Trail World Championships. But first, another very beautiful competition to qualify will take place on April 14th in Drôme Provençale.

In that Event three races are proposed to runners. A 10 km race with 706 m of elevation gain, another one of 23 km with 1160 m of elevation gain and the main one : the selection race at the Trail World Championships 42 km with 2210m of elevation gain.

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