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Safety Guideline for Race Organizers

Do you know what is required of you as an organizer to ensure a safe trail running event?

Running on its own is a demanding sport discipline, let alone events that take place in remote wilderness and on technical terrain. A successful trail running event requires an impeccable organization, where all aspects of safety and rescue well-though and managed. To assist with this, the Safety Commission of ITRA have developed a safety guide to help ensure the safety and success of your event.

Photo: PLT course, UTMB, France.

The safety and well-being of all participants should be the priority of every event!

All race organizers are obliged to ensure that they have safety and rescue plans and systems specifically adapted to their event. These measures must guarantee the safety of not only the runners but of all those involved in the race, including members of the organization, employees, and volunteers, service providers, employees of local authorities, accompanying persons, and the general public.

The ITRA Security Commission provides organizers with a practical guide to Safety, Health, and Rescue with suggestions and recommendations for the implementation of their safety plan. This Guide was developed in consultation with doctors, first aid personnel, professional rescue organizations, and race organizers. This plan is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of trail running and is the result of many years of experience in this field.

It describes the organizational requirements, action plans, people and equipment required for many different types and sizes of events.

Topics covered in the plan include:

  • Accident prevention
  • Assistance to people in distress
  • Field communications and improved information transmission
  • Organization of logistical and emergency transport

The guide is available on our website in the following nine languages: Chinese, German, Hungarian, English, French, Polish, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

To see the document, please click on the version corresponding to the desired language.


Photo: PLT course, UTMB, France.

ITRA Individual Insurance for Runners

Trail races take place in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. These wild and remote locations are what make the sport extra special, however, they also add an additional level of risk to the sport. An accident in high mountains or a remote forest can often lead to a complex rescue involving numerous rescue professionals.

Most race organizers require participants to have their own insurance policy, valid for the competition, covering the cost of any rescue that may be required.

ITRA has an insurance policy available for all its members which covers a wide range of rescue scenarios, including emergency helicopter transport. By having a valid insurance policy, runners can avoid the high cost of a remote and complex rescue.

The ITRA runner policy ensures you and your loved ones a safe return home and covers the costs of treatment up to the amount provided for in the policy.

The service is available to all our members and is valid worldwide for an annual cost of 49 EURO and protects you not only during competition but also during your training.

This insurance is created specifically for runners.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own safety, especially traveling to and competing in races overseas. Avoid unnecessary stress, risk, and cost by having an individual, international ITRA insurance policy.

If you have still not purchased your insurance, please log in to your ITRA account and check the details of our offer!

To learn more, please read the documents available here:


Photo: Ultra-Trail ® Drakensberg

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