Good GPX trace = Good evaluation

Are you a new ITRA Member? Or maybe you are not sure about the expected quality of the GPX file you provide when you apply to get the ITRA Points. We would like to explain to you more about that!

As you know, all the race evaluations we make are based on the GPX file which we get from you. So, before you upload the GPX to our website and ask about the ITRA Points calculation for your races make sure that its quality is high.

The quality of the GPX file is important because it will assist in more accurately determining the number of ITRA points your race will be awarded as well as the data of reference for the calculation of the performance index.

That's why we ask you to provide ITRA with the most accurate file you have and to make an update every time you alter the race course after submitting the file.

How to make a good GPS trace?

  • The best way to measure a route is to walk/run it in its entirety, equipped with a quality GPS unit.
  • Using a recent GPS device or watch with an excellent quality antenna.
  • Use a GPS with a barometric altimeter for more accurate altitude measurement. Also remember to adjust the altitude before you commence.
  • Before you start your reading delete the old tracks on your GPS to have enough space for your recording.
  • Set up your GPS device to record 1 point every 10 meters. Do not set it to take 1 point every X second
  • If you pause during the mapping also pause your device. Otherwise the GPS device continues to accumulate many points in the same place, which makes the track heavier and less accurate. This can also add false distance and elevation gain.


Once at home, you can check your GPX file and that everything has been recorded as planned. If you would like to ask about the ITRA points for the next edition of your race, and the course is exactly the same and of good quality, please do not change the GPX file on your organizer account and do not create a new event.

All you will need to do is to click on the option ‘Renew the Event’ on your profile. Thanks to that you will keep the best quality of the services and the process of the race evaluation will be shorter.

Photo: Mickael Mussard

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