Run with peace of mind!

As an ITRA individual member you're able to obtain international runner insurance to practice the sport that you love with peace of mind for only 49€/ year.

No matter if you are an ambitious runner, a newcomer or experienced at running, if you like to explore trails in both summer and winter, walking, hiking or on a run, this service is made for you!

We propose that you do the sporting activities you love, with complete freedom, independently and in a responsible way. Freedom, yes! But safety first!

Annual insurance specifically for a runner’s needs. This offer provides cover for you all over the world not only during competition but also during your training.

The offer includes many situations that runners can encounter while practicing the sport of trail running. Starting from participation in organized runs and ending with everyday situations that can occur during training. Wherever you are it's vital to take care of your safety.

The insurance provides coverage of rescue costs in the event of the need to use a helicopter all around the world. It provides you and your loved ones with a safe return home and cover the costs of treatment up to the amount provided for in the offer.

If you still do not have insurance, log in to your ITRA account and check the details of our offer!

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