Moving towards the international recognition of Trail-Running

Ever since its creation, ITRA has sought to make Trail-Running a recognized sport worldwide. Notably, this has been undertaken by fostering a constructive relationship with national and international federations and associations. This goal is about to be reached as Trail-Running will be officially announced as a competition belonging to international athletics during the IAAF’s (International Association of Athletics Federations) Congress that will occur in Beijing in August 2015.


Thanks to a fruitful cooperation, the IAAF and ITRA have brought together their respective know-how for the advancement of this project. Following the IAAF’s request, ITRA is drafting a new Article 252 of the IAAF’s Competition Rule Book that will officially determine what is Trail-Running.

A new Steering Committee will be elected to manage ITRA during its General Assembly of the 22nd of March 2015. Following this, ITRA will propose the creation of a joint work group to the IAAF’s Council so as to foster an effective relationship.

The goal of this initiative, with the participation of the IAU (International Association of Ultra-Runners), will be for the two groups to define the necessary steps for ITRA to become the international association in charge of the management of Trail-Running, under the patronage of the IAAF.

Reconnaissance du Trail-Running

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