Upcoming Trails!

Here is the selection of "Upcoming Trails" for the next few months. Head for Canada to take part in the Solo Death Race and discover one of its emblematic canyons located in the Rocky Mountains. Then in Europe, the Dynafit Lynx Trail crosses the natural park of Danube-Ipoly and leads runners through hills and valleys of what used to be volcanic caldera, following the footsteps of age-old heroes amongst ancient castles. Still in Europe, head to the highlights of Poland in the Gorce Natural Park with the Gorce Ultra Trail race. 

If you are looking for something completely different, try the trails around the Pichincha volcano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and gaze at the richest and most typical volcanic terrain in Ecuador. With new scenery, visit another continent with the Ultra Mirage el Djérid which offers an amazing race of 100 km in the Tunisian desert intertwined with oases, sand dunes, rocky canyons, and desiccated salt lakes.

Death Race : Canada

Since the beginning of the new millennium, racers have been coming to the Canadian Rockies to push their limits in this tough ultra-marathon. This year it will be 117 km long, starting on August, 4th 2018 and it's beginning and ending on the Grande Cache plateau at an altitude of 1,200m.

The course features a trail across 3 peaks, first of all Flood Mountain at 1814m, then Grand Mountain at 1,987m and finally Mount Hamell at 2,129m. The whole race totals a 4,890-metre elevation gain and a 4,910-metre elevation loss, embracing breathtaking views along a major river, crossing the spectacular Hell's Gate canyon where the Smoky and Sulphur Rivers meet. Each year, extreme athletes push themselves to the limit of their endurance against the stunning background of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Well-trained and totally committed, they battle heat, cold, altitude, and their own demons. Everyone will be rewarded by not only finishing the race by actually completing the Death Race. 

Dynafit Lynx Trail : Hungary

Dynafit Lynx Trail is a trail running competition in the most beautiful area around Danube-Ipoly National Park and the Börzsöny mountain in Hungary. The event takes place from 4th to 5th August.

The competition held at the height of the summer in the magnificent and probably wildest mountains of Hungary is a real challenge. Following in the footsteps of age-old heroes visiting ancient castles, the trail passes through hills and valleys of what used to be volcanic caldera.
It starts and the finishes at Nógrádi Castle, with different races offering variety of distances to suit all needs. 
  • Ultramarathon: 108.8 km /5,260mD+ /5,260mD- (5 ITRA points)
  • Double Marathon: 86.8 km / 3,530mD+ / 3,530mD- (4 ITRA points)
  • Marathon: 42.8 km / 1,820m D+ / 1,820m D- (2 ITRA points)
  • Half Marathon: 24.0 km / 800m D+ / 800m D-
  • Mini Marathon: 12.2 km / 300m D+ / 300m D-
  • Marathon Relay: 42.8 km / 1,820m D+ / 1,820m D- (3 members)
Registrations open till July 20th, 2018: https://itra.run/race/2018/5883-dynafit-lynx-trail


Ruco Ultra Trail: Ecuador

Ruco Ultra Trail takes place around the Ecuadorian capital Quito, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This race evolves in a unique setting featuring the Pichincha volcano. This undeniably adventurous spot full of history and amazing scenery will guarantee participants a worthwhile experience.

A team of keen mountain-lovers have been working on this event based on the best Ecuadorian trails since 2014. From the cable car in Quito, runners will negotiate steep trails reaching passes with a magnificent view over Quito and the iconic Ecuadorian volcanos such as Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Antisana, Chimborazo. As they head on, they will run through the famous “integrales”, a path between Guagua and Rucu Pichincha with an average altitude of 4,300m. Then on to Pajonales and the Andine forets for an exceptional cocktail of emotions. 

Ruco Ultra Trail

This event offers four races to runners of all levels so that they can discover firsthand Ruco experience. A first 105 km race with 7,540m of elevation gain will bring 5 ITRA points to all finishers.There will also be another 50 km race with 3,110m of elevation gain and 3 ITRA points, together with two other races, one of 30 km with 2,490m of elevation gain and 2 ITRA points and another 10 km race.

The registrations are open until July 28th 2018 : https://itra.run/race/2018/2289-ruco-ultra-trail/13661-105km

Gorce Ultra Trail : Poland

The Gorce Ultra-Trail® is a race that evolves in the Gorce Mountains in Poland and passes over the highest peak, Beskid Wyspowy – Mogielica, at an altitiude of 1,171m above sea level.

In the heart of the Gorce Nature Park, the event will take place in the mountains in the South of Poland, halfway between Kraków and Zakopane. The highest point is Turbacz at 1,311m. This mountain range has coniferous forests and pastures.

The landscapes are varied and offer a beautiful view of the hills, forests and lead to steep and rocky trails. Even though they are not the most     magnificent mountains on earth, runners in the Gorce Mountains will be seduced by well-trodden trails famous for their beauty leaving no one indifferent.

Gorce Ultra Compil

For its third edition, the event proposes 5 distances over 3 days. The event will start on Friday evening, August 10th with a vertical climb expected and requested by the runners. The other races of the weekend will allow the participants to run all day long the day until sunset, in time to admire the glowing slopes of the Tatra flanks. This mountain range delimits a natural border between Slovenia and Poland. It is famous for being the cradle of wildlife with chamois, marmots, lynx and bears. To discover this wild landscape, two races are proposed on Saturday, August 11, one of 84 km with 4,120m of elevation gain and another of 49 km with 2,530m of elevation gain. For adventurers who love 3-digit numbers, the 102 km Gorce Ultra Trail with 4,320m of elevation gain is for them. The latter will earn 5 ITRA points. The event will end Sunday, August 12 with the 20 km and the 950m of elevation gain of Ochotnica Challenge.

Registration is open until August 8th.: https://itra.run/race/2018/2609-gorce-ultra-trail-/7017-gorce-ultra-trail-102

Ultra Mirage el Djérid : Tunisia 

Ultra Mirage el Djérid is an ultra trail of 100 km. The second edition of this ultra will take place on September 29th and 30th 2018 around Tozeur city.

Ultra Mirage © El Djerid (UMED) is the first Tunisia Ultra Trail that takes place in the desert around Tozeur. The main city of Djérid, this region located in the South-West of Tunisia is known for its remarkable environment: oases with rocky canyons, chotts (dry salt lakes) in the dune fields, so many varied landscapes will offer a unique moment to all the runners. This atypical region with grandiose scenery has inspired filmmakers to shoot films such as The English Patient and the famous saga of Stars Wars. Beyond the spotlight, the region is especially appreciated for its warm welcome and the generosity of its inhabitants.

Over a distance of 104.30 km, the runners will embark upon an exotic journey where they will enjoy the incredible experience of crossing varied paths and exceptional landscapes. This race will offer runners a rich blend of experiences, such as running on technical sand trails and climbing small sand dunes but also along canyons while exploring river beds. The course will unveil oases and incredible “barkanes”, typical of the Tunisian desert, where dunes are blown by the winds into the shape of a crescent.


The runners will have 20 hours to complete the race with specific time barriers established at each checkpoint spaced 15 to 20 km apart, where medical and technical assistance as well as refreshments will be available.

This race, sponsored by the French Embassy in Tunisia, is open to all types of athletes, from the ultra professional runner to the amateur enthusiast of well-trained ultra trails.

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