A new space dedicated to the organizers

Un nouvel espace dédié aux organisateurs

Next week, ITRA launches a new space dedicated to the organizers ans inaugurates a new race evaluation service. This service introduces a major updating of ITRA points (now a 1 to 6 scale) and new evaluation criteria called "Mountain" and "Finisher".

First this evaluation service will only be accessible to the organizers. It will enable you to get accustomed to this new system and to make any comments you would have to us. It will go public at the end of June when the new trail international schedule opens on ITRA website.


Presentation of the new organizers space

The aim is to:

  • Gather within this space useful information for you
  • Provide you with new tools (improvement of the edition of your tracks, downloading of your results
  • Strengthen the evaluation service of tracks by giving better information to the runners

These new sections are detailed below:

  • The security space: with direct access to the security guide, the organizers benefit from useful advice to reinforce the safety on their course. It goes from the organisation before the race (implementation of a rescue plan) to the means you should implement during the race.
  • The health space (yet to come): it gives a presentation of our Health Policy and the interest to apply it during your event for health monitoring of runners and the fight for clean sport.
  • The management of information about your races allows you to:
    • Give general information about your races (new). We invite you to fill them as from now to make it appear on the new international schedule of ITRA races as soon as it is published online in a few weeks
    • Ask an evaluation of your courses (the procedure is simplified)
    • Download your results (new). You can download a template to format your results then put them on your space. It will significantly accelerate the consideration of your results in the Performance Index
  • The management of information about your account: about you as an organizer or about your membership (end of validity, budget of runners registration)
  • The management of your tracks (new): thanks to our new partner Trace de Trail, it is now possible within your ITRA space to edit your tracks, to work on them, to assemble them. As to finalise your track with simple and useful tools and to meet the requirement criteria of the track evaluation. It is also possible to add waypoints, pictures and texts to your track. Your new tracks will then be visible on TraceDeTrail.com and on the new international schedule.
This brand new Organizers Space will be available on Tuesday 21st of April at 10:00 (Paris time) when you connect to your account onhttp://i-tra.org. Your current space will be available until Monday 20th of April at 10:00 (Paris time). You will not be able to access your organizers space for 24 hours and we thank you in advance for your understanding.Ces nouvelles rubriques sont présentées plus en détail ci-dessous :
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