WMTRC Innsbruck-Stubai media accreditation now open

The starting gun for the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, held from June 6 to 10 in Innsbruck-Stubai, will be fired in approximately 100 days. Interested media representatives can sign up to cover the year’s biggest running event in Austria with immediate effect. All accreditations will be handled by the OC team.

Interested media representatives are called on to register for accreditation for the WMTRC 2023 Innsbruck-Stubai with immediate effect.

Media representatives are called on to register for accreditation online at www.innsbruck-stubai2023.com/en/media

Please also check out the elaborate WMTRC 2023 media platform. You can find news, images, videos, athlete statements and more for editorial use at  www.newsroom.pr/at/pressemappen/WMTRC-2023-Innsbruck-Stubai  where you can already find the latest news, images, videos, athlete statements, etc. for use in your coverage of the event.

Approximately 30 days before the WC, media representatives will get access to the media hub and newsroom - currently password-protected - for press releases, images and videos.

Further information regarding accommodation for media representatives can be found at: www.innsbruck-stubai2023.com

Regarding media accommodation we will contact you nearer the time.

See all ITRA / WMTRC press releases here: https://itra.run/News/PressRelease

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