ITRA COVID-19 Race Organizers Standard Operating Guidelines

Over the last month a team made up of organizers, runners, safety specialists, and doctors have been working hard on the "ITRA COVID-19 Race Organizers Standard Operating Guidelines".

This document is designed for race organizers and contains a detailed list of recommendations for the safe organization of trail events. However, we believe that runners are also responsible for their own safety and the safety of others and need to be informed of how races might change during this period.

We know that in some regions of the world the organization of sports events is still on hold, while others are still allowed with strict regulations imposed.

We hope that the instructions in this document, combined with the legislation in your countries, will aide in the safe organization of events in the future.

The guideline focuses on the different health and safety requirements for all parties involved:

  • the runners,
  • the organizers,
  • volunteers, supporters, and the general public,
  • service providers.

We would like to emphasize that this document contains a set of recommendations and directions designed to help the race organizers. However, the priority should always be given to the current legal regulations in their countries, which may differ from those contained in our document.

We hope that with the use of this safety guideline, responsible race organization, and informed athletes, we will all be enjoying the opportunity to participate in our trail competitions again soon.


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