ITRA is pleased to announce the launch of the ITRA TRAIL TALKS!

A video session with recognized experts on each topic will be made available to all our community after being recorded.  We want you to be part of this new initiative, and so every time we launch a new session, we will be asking you to share with us beforehand the questions you would like to ask our guests!

Topic of the first session: How to prepare well for your next ultra

Host: Jeff Campbell (CAN)

Guests: Krissy Moehl (USA), Mathieu Blanchard (FRA), Wong Ho Chung (HKG)

We are pleased to welcome our guests – world class ultra-athletes and running coaches:

Krissy Moehl, the top female ultramarathon runner from the US has raced in more than 100 ultramarathons!

She has won several iconic races like Wasatch (in 2004), UTMB® (2003 and 2009), Hardrock (in 2007) and Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji (in 2013).

Famous French ultra-runner Mathieu Blanchard, the FKT holder record for the GR A1 in North America (650km completed in 7 days 12 hours and 2 minutes!)

Mathieu has also won several important races like Harricana, the Québec Mega Trail, The North Face Endurance Challenge New York and Cappadocia and he got an ITRA Score of 904 when he won the 3rd place of the UTMB® race!


Hong Kong's Wong Ho Chung will also participate in this discussion. Chung is not only one of the dominant trail runners in Asia with numerous wins but has also represented Hong Kong in the Trail World Championships.

Chung is the record holder for the grueling Hong Kong’s Four Trails Challenge, and he has also achieved excellent international results with top 10 finishes in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour and in the 2017 Xterra Trail World Championships in the US.

Last month, he also completed 500 km in 5 days in Hong Kong’s sweltering summer heat for the first stop of Project Endless – a challenge to raise funds for 400 youths to attend running training and to provide them with running equipment.  

If you have any questions for these three trails running legends and coaches, please share them here till the 5th of July. Our host, Jeff Campbell, will select and put them to our guests at the Trail Talks!

Meet Jeff:

Jeff is a Canadian runner based in Hong Kong and his favorite distance is the 50k (past winner at The North Face 50 HK, 7th at Cortina Trail @ Lavaredo, 11th at Transgrancanaria Advanced), but he has run everything from 100km to short races/VKs. He also does a bit of road running (2:29, 2019 Berlin Marathon) and on rare occasions he will even lace up the spikes to race on the track (8:49 3000m PB).

Outside of running, he works full-time as a lawyer and lives in Hong Kong with his wife, daughter and goldendoodle. 


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