WMTR : Long Trail Results

WMTRC: Long Trail Results

 Saturday, November 4, 2022,

The Long Trail race of the Amazing Thailand World Mountain and Trail Running World Championships set off from the Chiang Mai Exhibition Centre at 6.30 am. Faced with 78km of rugged, technical trails and 4807m of elevation gain, the athletes pushed themselves to their limits to chase the dream of being world champion. It was the American Adam Petermann who was crowned World Long Trail Champion, winning in 7:15:53. He led this race from start to finish, offering no respite for his competitors. At the head of the race there were many competitors for the podium. It was France’s Nicolas Martin who took the second place early on, and which he would not relinquish under any circumstances. He won the silver medal in 7:28:44. For the third place the race was brutal. An epic battle between the Spaniards Jose Angel Fernandez Jimenez and Aritz Egea Caceres and the Italian Andreas Reiterer was ultimately won by Andreas in 7:36:50. Jose and Aritz finished in 4th place in 7:39:19 and 5th place in 7:48:42 respectively.

On the women's side, the race kept the spectators on their toes. Sweden’s Ida Nilsson, followed closely by the France’s Blandine L'Hirondelle, quickly took the lead over Switzerland’s Emma Pooley who led early on. During the second passage to the main team aid station, Ida started ahead of Blandine who stopped for 5 minutes to treat a weak ankle. This break was more than beneficial to her, she came back to the main aid station with a good lead over the Swede. Blandine L'Hirondel confirmed her domination of the discipline by completing the course in 8:22:14. Ida Nilsson came second in 8:34:59, twelve minutes after the Champion. Behind her, the third place is crucial and there are many contenders. Among them were the Spaniard Gemma Arenas Alcazar, the two inseparable French Audrey Tanguy and Marion Delespierre, the Hungarian Eszter Csillag neck and neck with the German Rosanna Buchauer. It is finally the Spanish Gemma Arenas Alcazar who took the lead to finish in 3rd place in 8:46:27. Less than three minutes later it was Eszter Csillag, the Hungarian who finished 4th in 8:49:24 just ahead of the German Rosanna Buchauer 5th in 8:50:45 and the French who finished hand in hand in 8:51:57. This women's finish was extremely close and incredible to experience! Congratulations to all of the athletes who put on such a spectacular show.


Summary of results: INDIVIDUAL MEN'S Podium

  1. Adam PETERMAN: United States of America in 7:15:53
  2. Nicolas MARTIN: France in 7:28:44
  3. Andreas REITERER: Italy in 7:36:50
  4. Jose Angel FERNANDEZ JIMENEZ: Spain in 7:39:19
  5. Aritz EGEA CACERES: Spain in 7:48:42
  6. Thibaut GARRIVIER : France in 7:50:12
  7. Eric LIPUMA: United States of America in 7:52:13
  8. Peter FRAŇO: Slovakia in 7:53:06
  9. Didrik Grytbak HERMANSEN: Norway in 7:53:42
  10. Paul MATHOU: France in 7:53:47


Summary of results: WOMEN'S INDIVIDUAL podium

  1. Blandine LHIRONDEL : France in 8:22:14
  2. Ida NILSSON : Sweden in 8:34:59
  3. Gemma ARENAS ALCAZAR: Spain in 8:46:27
  4. Eszter CSILLAG: Hungary in 8:49:24
  5. Rosanna BUCHAUER: Germany in 8:50:45
  6. Audrey TANGUY: France in 8:51:57
  7. Marion DELESPIERRE: France in 8:51:57
  8. Maite MAYORA ELIZONDO: Spain in 8:56:40
  9. Giuditta TURINI : Italy in 9:00:05
  10. Sunmaya BUDHA : Nepal in 9:00:28


Summary of results: Men's Team Podium

  1. United States of America
    1th Adam PETERMAN, 7:15:53
    7th Eric LIPUMA, 7:52:13     
    14th Jeff COLT, 7:58:23
  1. France
    2th Nicolas MARTIN, 7:28:44
    6th Thibaut GARRIVIER, 7:50:12       
    10th Paul MATHOU, 7:53:47 
  1. Spain
    4th Jose Angel FERNANDEZ JIMENEZ, 7:39:19
    5th Aritz EGEA CACERES, 7:48:42   
    23th Marcos RAMOS GONZALEZ, 8:14:55   
  1. Italia
    3rd Andreas REITERER, 7:36:50
    17th Davide CHERAZ, 8:03:48         
    20th Riccardo MONTANI, 8:09:11    
  1. Japan
    16th Yuya KAWASAKI, 8:01:17
    21st Hirokazu NISHIMURA, 8:11:11
    33rd Yutaro YOKOUCHI, 8:32:39       
  1. Roumania
    13rd Raul Octavian BUTACI, 7:57:34
    19th Andrei PREDA, 8:08:13 
    50th Valentin TOMA, 8:54:19
  1. Norway
    9th Didrik Grytbak HERMANSEN, 7:53:42
    8th Anders Johnny KJÆREVIK, 8:35:18       
    9th Tom Erik HALVORSEN, 8:37:06
  1. Great Britain
    11th Harry JONES, 7:54:10
    34th George FOSTER, 8:34:19         
    39th Ryan SMITH, 8:38:38
  1. Poland
    26th Kamil LEŚNIAK, 8:21:06
    36th Paweł CZERNIAK, 8:35:31       
    52nd Tomasz SKUPIEŃ, 9:02:15
  1. Portugal
    30th Miguel ARSÉNIO, 8:28:36
    49th Hugo GONÇALVES, 8:49:52      
    54th Bruno SOUSA, 9:03:08


Summary of results: WOMEN'S TEAM Podium

  1. France
  • 1th Blandine LHIRONDEL, 8:22:14
  • 6th Audrey TANGUY, 8:51:57
  • 7th Marion DELESPIERRE, 8:51:57
  1. Spain
  • 3rd Gemma ARENAS ALCAZAR, 8:46:27
  • 8th Maite MAYORA ELIZONDO, 8:56:40
  • 15th Marta MOLIST CODINA, 9:10:13
  1. Italy
  • 9th Giuditta TURINI, 9:00:05
  • 23th Camilla SPAGNOL, 9:30:52
  • 25th Alessandra BOIFAVA, 9:35:11
  1. Norway
  • 12th Sylvia NORDSKAR, 9:06:43
  • 18th Mari Klakegg FENRE, 9:15:16
  • 28th Sara-Rebekka Færø LINDE, 9:46:49
  1. United States of America
    19th Leah YINGLING, 9:16:28
    24th Kaytlyn GERBIN, 9:33:08           
    27th Brittany CHARBONEAU, 9:43:52           
  1. Polond
    17th Katarzyna WILK, 9:14:58
    22th Katarzyna SOLIŃSKA, 9:27:54 
    41th Dominika STELMACH, 10:48:16
  1. Portugal
    32nd Inês MARQUES, 9:58:02
    36th Paula BARBOSA ,10:27:45       
    50th Lucinda SOUSA,11:26:46          
  1. Australia
    35th Sarah LUDOWICI, 10:22:25
    42nd Louise CLIFTON, 10:56:40       
    45th Jessica SCHLUTER, 11:05:39
  1. Argentina
    39 Adriana Vanesa VARGAS, 10:43:32
    40 Anabel OVIEDO ZELARRAYAN, 10:43:47
    47 Maria Silvina PEREZ, 11:19:55
  1. Lithuania
    Inga CIMARMANAITĖ, 10:32:20
    46th Gitana AKMANAVIČIŪTĖ, 11:09:47
    56th Marija PIPIRAITĖ-GRUMBINĖ, 11:52:14


All the results coming soon on www.itra.run https://itra.run/Races/RaceResults/World.Mountain...Trail.Running.Championship.Long.Trail.80K/2022/79126


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