Races of the week - March 11-13

Each week, lTRA proposes to discover trail running races around the world. This week, we are going to travel from France to Hong Kong, China, Mexico, USA, but also Poland and Costa Rica !

*** Zimowy Ultramaraton Karkonoski ***

The Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon is held in Poland. The route covers 53 kilometres and leads through the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains. It is the first long distance race, not only in Poland, but in Europe, to take place entirely in the mountains in tough winter conditions. It is exceptionally challenging.

The event is a memorial to himalayist Tomek Kowalski, who did not come back from the Broad Peak winter expedition in 2013 after the first in the history winter ascent on this summit.

Over the past two years the Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon has gained a large following and become one of the most recognizable ultramarathons in Poland. It is already considered a cult event. Only experienced runners can participate. In order to qualify they need to have taken part in at least two marathon-length mountain races.

This year, 350 runners are expected from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and UK. Among the participating runners one can find such snames as Magdalena Łączak, Paweł Dybek, Kamil Leśniak, Bartosz Gorczyca, the polish elite of mountains races.

The Karkonosze during the winter are beautiful, but at the same time extremely demanding. This makes the run a unique challenge.

Zimowy Ultramarathon Karkonoski

*** Ultra trail Costa Rica Arenal Volcano ***

The Ultra trail Costa Rica Arenal Volcano is a spectacular mountain race, with five trials proposed for each runner, from debutante to experienced runners (80K, 51K, 21K,10K, 6K).

The Arenal volcano in Costa Rica is located in the district of La Fortuna, San Carlos canton, the province of Alajuela. He has a eight of 1 670 meters above sea level. Unforgettable for runners ! The spectacular nature of the red-hot lava and constancy (from the year 1968) of the activity of the Arenal Volcano, have given him an important place at the global level in the community both as scientific tourism. 

Arenal lake, situated at the foot of the the Arenal volcano, with an 85.5 km2 area, is a unique place where runners will cross the rain forest and tropical mountain.

UTCR Arenal Volcano

*** Trilogia De Montanas ***

The “Trilogía” was made for the first time in Abril 18 of 1951, climbing 3 of the top summits of Monterrey, located in the northeast of México and worthily called The City of Mountains.

Since that historic day, each year is organized a race which originally was did with vehicle transportation between each mountain, until 1978, when was made for the first time as a circular race, departing and finishing on Monterrey downtown Macroplaza, with a first record time of 23h 10m 00s.

For its 87.2 Kms with 4,568 mts of D+ trail, on a self-sufficiency mode, the actual record was made in 2015 by Fidel Martínez with 15h 54m 57s. The women record was made by Sheryl Rizzo in 2014 with 21h 16m 40s.

The race is organized by Trilogía de Montañas de Monterrey A.C., a nonprofit civil association, which have as its mission, to promote the climbing and trail mountain practice and the conservation and responsible use of the mountains.

Trilogia De Montanas

*** Trail Des Poilus ***

The sixth edition of « Le trail des Poilus » will be held for the centernary of the battle of « Lorette 1914/1918 », and will count for the National Trail Tour.

The race offered to runners reveals what is the most beautiful on the Artois crests, with 50% of private trails and less than 10% of road : a real pleasure for runners form all nationalities.

Organizers insist with runners for respecting the environment, to minimize the impact of the event (runners must follow trail’s rules).

The start of the race will be given in the medieval castle courtyard of Olhain. Forests and private trials to climb will give technical and difficulty to the event (1730 D+ to climb). Assuredly, it will be a mountain race, with a final on the National historic site of Notre Dame de Lorette.

Trail Des Poilus

*** Monument Valley ***

Situated within the Navajo Nation, Monument Valley boasts amazing formations that reach over 1,000 feet into the sky and draw your gaze in wonderment.

Runners will likely recognize these formations or “monuments” from the hundreds of movies that have been filmed in this desert backdrop over the years. Vibrant colors and dramatic shadows cast along the valley floor will give a sense of becoming “in tune” with nature, experiencing the same inclusion with the natural world that the Native Americans have practiced for generations.

Running becomes less of an activity and more of an intrinsic way in which to absorb the landscape.

Runners will have the choice between four races, with a 50Mile, a 50K, a half-marathon and a 4Mile race. 

Monument Valley

*** Translantau ***

TransLantau, is a trail running event on Lantau Island, the biggest outlying island of Hong Kong. With 90% of the course on trails and covering two country parks, participants get to push their limits as their eyes feast on the landscape of undulating hills and long coastline, untouched by the urbanization of Hong Kong.

Either solo or in a team of 2, participants can sign up for the flagship event, Ultra 100km (5,800m+ elevation), or the sister races of 50km (2,700m+ elevation) and 25km (900m+ elevation).

On the 100K race, the favorite will be the japanese runner Yoshikazu Hara, who recently finished 4th of the « Tarawera Ultra » in New Zealand. Thomas Robert, or the french runner located in Hong Kong Baptiste Puyol, will also try to win, with serious arguments in their favor.


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