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Indonesia: Goat Run Lunar Series

This year is the 4th edition of Goat Run Trail Running Series, and the organizers introduce 2 new concepts: The series race theme and New Categories. This year's series is called "Lunar series" and will start from July 2019 - 2020. The series consists of Salak, Lawu and Slame episodes. The second one, which is new will introduce the Ultra series races on the distance of 75k.

Each episode has been specifically selected because of the scenery, the history and the atmosphere that they offer to both the runners and the public. Steepness and technicality of the racecourse will be the main highlight for each part of the series.


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Episode 1: Goat Run Salak

Date: Saturday, 3 – 4 August 2019



Mount Salak, as one of the most iconic mountains in West Java, is sometimes considered as the little sister of Mount Gede. One of the toughest mountains to climb in west Java. There are various routes on this mountain range and there is a great deal of nature variety to be found on its slopes – craters, wildlife and plants. The mount is covered with lush, green forest varied with deep canyons, making the navigation considerably difficult during the race.

Salak is one of the most accessible volcanoes of Jakarta, it has not erupted since 1938, but there you can see one of the most active craters, with its main attraction “Kawah Ratu”. Goat Run Salak Series will take runners along the well-known trails in Mount Salak, offering running experience in a dense forest, crossing small rivers and great memories after passing through the crater. The longest racecourse (75 km) will lead runners to its steep peaks and across a wide range of landscapes in the foothills from tea plantations, paddy fields and green, wild forests.



Available distances:

  • 20K – Cut Off Time - 8 hours
  • 50K – Cut Off Time -16 hours
  • 75K – Cut Off Time - 22 hours

Location: Start/Finish - Javana Spa Resort, Sukabumi, West Java
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/p8GYmN5wTKy

Episode 2: Goat Run Lawu

Date: Sunday, 10 November 2019


Mount Lawu, or Gunung Lawu, is a massif on the border between East Java and Central Java, Indonesia. This race has a varied route with well-known paths among hikers: Cemoro Kandang, Cemoro Sewu dan Candi Cetho. The Goat Run Lawu will take you through all those places to allow you to adore the beauty of the Javanese’s most sacred mountain. No mountain in Indonesia is considered as mystical as Mount Lawu; for this reason, runners or climbers are supposed to whisper to the mountain their wishes whenever they need something.

Many mountaineers climb this mountain to adore the green, scenic view, with lovely Edelweiss flowers on its peak and the beauty of the crater, on the south side of the peak, locally known as Kawah Kuning (yellow crater). The highest peak is high plain, known as Argo Dumilah, where a "Tri-angular Pole" is erected, a must “selfie” spot for runners.

All Goat Run participants will be also rewarded with natural panorama and will traverse the best ‘tourists’ attractions such as waterfalls, tea gardens, temples, savanna and other natural miracles. On clear sunny days, you can enjoy the surrounding view of central Java famous mountains such as Merapi, Merbabu and East Java mountains: Arjuno, Welirang and Semeru.

The main race office will be concentrated at Tawangmangu. If you decide to spend the race week at a more crowded area, this place is only about one hour’s bus ride from the city of Solo or Karanganyar. A little further east is the little town of Sarangan which has a lake and is a popular retreat on weekends. On clear weather days, Gunung Lawu can be seen from the lake.


Episode 3: Goat Run Slamet

Race date: Details soon.

Mount Slamet is the highest peak in Central Java and second highest in Java island. The vast lava field summit is one of the most isolated places you can be in Java. It is also one of the best places to see both the north and south coasts. Slamet is one of Java’s most active volcanoes.

Photo credit: Goat Run Trail Running Series

Goat Run Slamet

Info about Registration: https://member.goatrun.id/login/register

To read more:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoatRunID/
Website: https://goatrun.id/

France: L’échappée Belle – Ultra Traversé de Belledone

The Echappee Belle takes place on the Belledonne Mountain, which is characterized by its technical terrain, inaccessible paths and altitude. Started in 2013 and described since its first edition as one of the most beautiful trails, but also one of the most difficult in this part of French alps. The top of the race reaches an altitude of 2,930 m. A crossing of glacier (Freydane), 15 mountain passes and 40 kilometers above 2000m of altitude must be crossed to finish this adventure.


L’échappée Belle – Ultra Traversé de Belledone ITRA

More than a sport chellange

This race participates in respect for the environment and relies on the local economy to present a convivial and festive event all along the racecourse and at each aid station. Organized with the support of the Espace Belledonne, the towns and all the organizations and institutions of Belledonne. It's an event by the people of Belledonne.


Races available:

  • The Integral 144 km - 144k and 11 100m D+, solo or relay of 2, from Vizille to Aiguebelle,
  • The North Crossing 85 km - 85k and 6 050m D+, solo from Pleynet/Les 7 Laux to Aiguebelle,
  • The Ridge Track 57 km - 57k and 4 100m D+, solo from Allevard to Aiguebelle.

Some figures about the event:

Course and difference altitude:

  • Highest peak 2 926 m
  • Lower place 250 m
  • 40 km above the altitude of 2 000 m
  • 15 mountain passes above 2 000 m

The landscape:

  • 90% single track, 8% track, 2% road
  • 2 area “Natura 2 000”, 1 National natural reserve (Luitel)
  • 30 altitude, lakes visible from the race

L’échappée Belle – Ultra Traversé de Belledone ITRA

L’échappée Belle – Ultra Traversé de Belledone ITRA

Photo credits: L’échappée Belle – Ultra Traversé de Belledone

For more information:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lechapeebelledonne
Website: https://www.lechappeebelledonne.com/en/

Sweden: Buff Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen 2019

The 24th August 2019 marks the sixth edition of this ultra. Not only a tough challenge with a longer distance but also greater altitude gain, Buff® Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen poses an entirely different mountain environment to that the one KIA Fjällmaraton offers.

With such dramatic and spectacular scenery, Bydalsfjällen is a remarkable event.

Given this unique experience with the race as the backdrop, the hope is that more and more people will discover the joys of taking part in sport and being outside. To promote diversity, there are only a few honorary prizes for the victors – in fact, most of the prizes are presented in a lottery-style.


Everyone competes in an open class, men and women respectively, so everyone has an equal chance of winning the best prizes. These are presented during the banquets held on the evening of each event, rounding off the day in style. Naturally, events such as ours inspire a competitive spirit, but winning isn’t everything.

50 k

The course is extremely challenging, presenting tough terrain and technical sections. The 50km and 2,900 meters of positive elevation gain will test your endurance and will also mean that the race times are much longer than over a regular run of this distance. Similarly, wet ground can affect times from year to year.

22 k

Challenging underfoot, the 22km race confronts you with varied terrain and technical sections.

Buff® 22K is intended for all types of runners – from recreational runners looking to enjoy the views and complete the course, right through to elite athletes who are looking for a real challenge.


Registration open until: 24 of August 2019

Buff Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen 2019 Sweden ITRA

Buff Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen 2019 Sweden ITRA

Buff Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen 2019 Sweden ITRA

Buff Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen 2019 Sweden ITRA

Photo credits: Buff® Fjällmaraton Bydalsfjällen

All about the event:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AXA-Fj%C3%A4llmaraton/190353317677275
Website: https://fjallmaraton.se/arefjallen/

United States - Colorado: TransRockies Run

The TransRockies Run is organized by TransRockies US LP. With decades of high-level event organization experience including the first World Cup mountain bike events, the TransRockies Team is widely regarded as being among the best in the world of outdoor and adventure sport.

The group currently manages the GORE-TEX® TransAlpine Run (Europe, founded in 2005), the CRAFT Bike Transalp Challenge (Europe, founded in 1998), the TransRockies Bike (Canada, founded in 2002) and the CRAFT Bike Trans Germany Challenge (Founded in 2007). In surveys, events like the TransRockies Challenge have received participant satisfaction ratings of over 96 per cent.

United States - Colorado: TransRockies Run ITRA

The TransRockies Run is a multi-day point-to-point trail running race which allows athletes to access and traverse wild and fantastic scenery, while building camaraderie, overcoming adversity and sharing a singular adventure.
TransRockies events are known worldwide for their unparalleled epic nature – journeys so breathtaking and rewarding that many participants come back year after year, often bringing friends with them. These folks know something the average person does not; that the great outdoors is full of wild possibility and unequaled challenge that cannot be harnessed but only borrowed in brief moments, and only for an adventurous few.

At its heart, the TransRockies organization is an advocate of wild places. We know that accessing remote and untamed terrain is a privilege that comes with responsibilities, and we strongly believe in not only treading lightly in the places we visit but also actively contributing to their continued protection and well-being.

To some, the idea of finding one’s self on a steep and narrow dirt trail on a windswept ridge high in the Rocky Mountains is a ludicrous notion. For others, it’s something to train for by day and dream about by night.

2019 TransRockies Run Info:

  • 6-Day Team Event & Solo / or 3-Day Solo – shorter distance
  • August 13th-18th, 2019
  • Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, CO
  • 120 miles, 20,000 feet of climbing
  • Field Limit – 350 total runners


  • RUN 3 Solo: Open Men, Open Women
  • RUN 6 Solo: Open Men, Open Women, 50+ Men, 50+ Women
  • RUN 6 Team: 100+ Open, 80+ Mixed, 80+ Men, 80+ Women, Open Mixed, Open Women, Open Men (80+ and 100+ is combined age of teammates)

2019 will mark the 13th year of the original TransRockies Run. This stage race takes you on an epic journey from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek of 6 incredible days of Rocky Mountain running. TransRockies Run is the trail running adventure of a lifetime!

About the Racecourse: 6 Stages – Big challenge!

Stage 1: 22 miles/ 35 kiliometers; 3000 ft/ 900 m gain;
Stage 2: 13 miles/ 21 kilometers; 3300 ft/ 1000 m gain;
Stage 3: 25 miles/ 40 kilometers; 3000 ft/ 900 m gain;
Stage 4: 15 miles/ 23 kilometers; 3600 ft/ 1100 m gain;
Stage 5: 24 miles/ 43 kilometres; 4300 ft/ 1300 m gain;
Stage 6: 22 miles/ 36 kilometers; 5300 ft/ 1600 m gain;

United States - Colorado: TransRockies Run ITRA

United States - Colorado: TransRockies Run ITRA

Photo credits: TransRockies US LP

For details:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transrockies
Website: https://www.transrockies-run.com/

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