Elections for the new ITRA Steering Committee - submit your application!

Janet Ng, Présidente de l’ITRA :

Janet Ng, ITRA President:

‘’The Steering Committee plays a crucial role in the governance of ITRA. It gives direction and decides on strategy.  Members of the Steering Committee must be prepared to dedicate their time, skill, and expertise to building and strengthening ITRA together. This enables ITRA to act as a beacon for the values of trail running and to serve the best interests of the global trail running community. Although unpaid, the role is genuinely satisfying and rewarding. Not only will you work together with like-minded colleagues from around the world, you will also be directly involved in shaping the sport that we all love. There are many projects that ITRA is driving forward and many more we want to take on. If you have expertise in membership recruitment, IT, sales, communications, finance, sustainability etc., or simply want to help, come, and stand for election and be part of this exciting journey!’’


The term of the current ITRA Steering Committee is coming to an end, and we will be holding elections for the next four-year term for the following positions:

  • Permanent members – 3 seats
  • Regular Athletes members – 4 seats
  • Elite Athletes members – 2 seats
  • Organizer members – 8 seats



  • ITRA members with an up-to-date membership can apply for the seat if they fit the statutory requirements outlined in the application form. Their membership must be up to date during the entire election period and for the entire term of their mandate.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (B2 level)
  • Candidates must be familiar with and agree with ITRA's ethics charter and its goals and have comprehensive knowledge of ITRA's principles and mission.
  • A great advantage will be a proven record of past activities for the development of the sport (non-profit or professional activities related to trail running).

The mission of the ITRA Steering Committee is a volunteer activity. Applicants for this position are asked to be ready to donate their time to carry out this mission.


The Steering Committee comprises 17 ITRA members elected by the General Assembly members for four years. The members of the Steering Committee are elected by direct secret ballot by all members of their respective categories of the General Assembly by voting in two rounds.

  • An absolute majority is required for election in the first round.
  • If the position is not filled in the first round, there will be a second round of voting.
  • In the second round, the candidate with the most votes are elected - a majority of votes is not required.
  • In case of a tie after the second round, an additional round will be organised between candidates with equal votes.

The elections will be held online:

  • First round: From Monday 26th of June to Friday 30th of June 2023.
  • Second round: From Monday 3rd of July 3 to Friday 7th of July 2023.

Only the General Assembly members have the right to vote in these elections (Runners and Organisers National Representatives and ITRA Permanent Members).

We will inform all the candidates about the detailed results of each stage.

The Steering Committee's rule is to oversee the operation of the Association.

To learn more about the ITRA Steering Committee see The ITRA Statutes, pages 9-11.


  1. Download the application form: APPLICATION FORM.
  2. Fill in all the required fields. Please keep the application to the 1-page maximum.
  3. Send the completed form with your CV to elections@itra.run with the subject line: "Application for the Steering Committee".


You have until the 15th of June 2023, at 11:59 pm (Paris time) to send us your application. Applications sent after this deadline will not be considered in the elections process.

We look forward to receiving all your applications.

The ITRA Team


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