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Here is a selection of the upcoming trail-running races! From the United States to South Africa via China and Finland discover incredible adventure spots with wonderful races. Do not hesitate to consult our Calendar: https://itra.run/page/290/Calendar.html

United-States : Arizona : Mogollon Monster 100 

The Mogollon Monster 100 is a rugged, challenging trail race taking place about 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix, Arizona just outside the small town of Pine, Arizona.  The Mogollon Monster includes the advanced degree endurance race of 100 miles, with the addition of 105 Kilometer race and 35 Kilometer. The races navigate up, down, around and through the beautiful Mogollon Rim (Pronounced: mug-ee-yun or muggy-own by locals)

The Mogollon Rim rises out from the earth some 2,000 feet for a span of 200 miles across Arizona and into New Mexico, defining much of the eastern part of the state. This Rim takes the race from elevations of 5,300 feet at the start to upwards of 8,000 feet at the top of the Rim, changing ecosystems along the way in distinct flora changes as the elevation changes switch the scenery from high Sonoran Desert to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.

The three races proposed by Mogollon Monster are: 
  • 100 miles: 161,5 km / 5,470m D+ / 5,460m D- / 6 ITRA points
  • 105.5 km / 3,710m D+ / 3,700 m D- / 5 ITRA points
  • 36 km / 1,450m D+ / 1,440 m D- / 2 ITRA points
The routes of these 3 races are reputed to be tough and technical. These races, in particular 100 miles and 105.5 km races, are for experienced runners who are ready to take on challenges and surpass themselves.


Finland : Vuokatti Trail Challenge 2018

The Vuokatti Trail Challenge will take place on September 8th in Finland. This event offers a unique experience starting in a typical Finnish village. The Vuokatti Trail race is a challenge not to be missed. The route of the event runs mainly along the hiking trails of Kainuu, Vuokatti, some of the finest hilly landscapes in the area. The Vuokatti Trail Challenge has 4 different distances:

  • 114.6 km / 3,390m D+ / 3,390m D- / 4 ITRA points
  • 57.3 km / 1,700m D+ / 1,720m D- / 2 ITRA points
  • 41.2 km / 1,420m D+ / 1,470m D- / 2 ITRA points
  • 22.2 km / 1,010m D+ / 1,080m D- / 0 ITRA point

The final part of the route will go over the legendary 13 hill route which includes an amazing view over the wilderness of the Kainuu region and 115km runners will do that twice!

Registrations are open : https://itra.run/race/2018/1980-vuokatti-trail-challenge/3852-23-km


China : Ultra-Trail® Ninghai 2018

Ultra-Trail Ninghai started in 2013. It’s a long-distance trail race held in the mountains of Eastern China.

Ninghai is located in Eastern Zhejiang. Four hundred years ago, Xu Xiake, a travel writer in ancient China, started his 34-year-long journey from here and travelled throughout China. And now, Ninghai possesses China’s first 500-kilometer-long hiking trail that meets the national standard. This famous nature trail has welcomed numerous outdoor enthusiasts.

Ultra-Trail Ninghai’s race course is part of this hiking trail in the western mountain areas of Ninghai. Going through primeval forest, streams, mountains and bamboo forests, it offers participants a great opportunity to enjoy the natural landscape of the southern part of the Yangtze Delta and the authentic mountain feeling.

The registrations are open: https://itra.run/race/2018/2849-ultra-trail%C2%AE-ninghai/14803-utnh


South Africa : Marloth Mountain Challenge 2018

The Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series consists of three separate races, the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge (JMC) in May, the Helderberg Mountain Challenge (HMC) in August and the Marloth Mountain Challenge (MMC) this coming September 23rd. Reserves in the Western Cape of South Africa, trail runners of all levels will find something they love in each one of the races.

Your options are:

  • 54.8 km with 3570m D+- (4 points ITRA)
  • 35 km with 1675m D+
  • 24.5 km 1668 m D+ 

The Swellendam route was considered in South Africa to be the number one wilderness mountain trail and it will guarantee an unforgettable experience through the beautiful Swellendam mountains. Today, runners view this revered trail as iconic and highly challenging. Geared to experienced runners, this is a unique opportunity for participants with a sense of adventure to share a unique experience.


Book a race from the Mountain Challenge Series - Ultra, Extreme or Lite – and don’t miss our offer of a discount in the entry package
From an extreme 55km run through the spectacular Marloth Nature Reserve close to Swellendam to a chilled 11km trot through the Jonkershoek Mountains at Stellenbosch, there is something for trail runners of all abilities.

Runners can choose to compete in the Series as a whole or simply race in one or two of the three races. The registrations are open: https://itra.run/race/2018/823-marloth-mountain-challenge/2051-55-km-mmc-ultra-marathon

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