Races of the week - February 27-28

Each week, lTRA proposes to discover trail running races around the world. This week, we are traveling to Taiwan, to present a trail for adventurers in the jungle, but also to  Morocco with the first edition of the « Ultra-trail Chaouen Morocco », with a step in the north of England to introduce the« Coastal Trail Series - Northumberland ».

*** RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE - Taiwan, 28 February ***

Discover Taiwan, through the jungle ! Brave trailers will discover the country with technical tracks and beautiful landscapes (the 34 Km race, 2400D+, very technical, is supposed to be ended in 6-7 hours by the winner, according to organizers). Adventurers can choose between different trails to discover the jungle (10 Km to 34 Km). Unforgettable memories !

More informations here: http://itra.run/race/2016/2411-run-through-the-jungle/4747-43-km


The Northumberland coastline boasts some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the UK and is best known for its sweeping sandy beaches, rolling dunes, high rocky cliffs and isolated islands. This striking landscape is steeped in history and there are few sights on earth that compare with Bamburgh Castle and its expansive and exposed bayside setting.

A host of conservation sites, including two National Nature Reserves, testify to the great variety of wildlife and habitats found in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Once here, you will feel as far removed from the pressures of modern life as it is possible to be, so lace those trail shoes tight, take a deep breath and tune into the wind and waves as you let the stunning widescreen panorama unfold: http://itra.run/race/2016/2014-coastal-trail-series---northumberland/1668-ultra.

*** ULTRA-TRAIL CHAOUEN MAROCCO *** - Marocco, 27-28 February***

For the first edition of the Ultra-trail Chacune Marocco, three races are offered to trailers to discover the Marocco rift (85 Km and 3500D+ / 42 Km and 2500 D+ / 21 Km and 1000D+.

Organizers want to share the beauty of their paths but also emphasizing the ecological side and the preservation of natural resources in the region: http://itra.run/race/2016/2392-ultra-trail-chaouen-maroc/4676-ultra--85-km.


Also this week : 

  • Addo Elephant Trail Run 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/32-addo-elephant-trail-run/4285-100-mile
  • Ultra Desafio Passa Quatro - Mg 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2176-ultra-desafio-passa-quatro---mg/4250-160-km
  • Aijianghan Trail Running Growth Series 2016 :http://itra.run/race/2016/2409-aijiangshan-trail-running-growth-series/4881-jingxigudao
  • Columbus Trail 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2338-columbus-trail/4565-columbus-trail
  • Hill Runner 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2260-hill-runner/4414-hill-runner-1100
  • Thy Trail Marathon 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2480-thy-trail-marathon/4910-thy-trail-marathon
  • Ultra Cerro Arco 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2463-ultra-cerro-arco/4857-ultra-cerro-arco
  • Ultramaton Zielonogoski Nowe Grnice 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2145-ultramaraton-zielonogórski-nowe-granice/4182-ii-ultramaraton-zielonogórski-nowe-granice
  • Gz52 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2451-gz52/4831-gz52
  • Trail de Conimbriga Terras de Sico 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/1409-trail-de-conimbriga-terras-de-sico/3172-111-km
  • Brazil Mountain Festival - Corupà 50K2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2413-brazil-mountain-festival---corupá-50k/4730-brazil-mountain-festival---corupá-50k
  • Urqu Ultra Trail 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2376-urqu-ultra-trail-/4637-urqu-ultra-trail-2016/1
  • Trail Della Val D’impair 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/2417-trail-della-val-d'ippari/4739-trail-della-val-d'ippari
  • Ultra & Trail Unseen Koh Chang 2016: http://itra.run/race/2016/1963-ultra-&-trail-unseen-koh-chang/4020-100-km
  • Organizers, to promote your race on « ITRA - Trails of the week », feel free to share with us your details (race profil, pictures, resume…): contact@itra.run

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