Trails of the week - June 6/12

Each week, ITRA suggests to discover trail-running races from around the world. This week, we are going to travel from Italia to Estonia, but also Dominican Republic. The world is trail ! 

100Km Del Caribe / Dominican Republic 

The 100 Km del Caribe Repùblica Dominicana was conceived to be the first stage footrace on the Caribbean with the aim to provide participants a chance to experience the spectacular beauty of the island, while creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable event with the support of the local community.

The third edition of  “100km del Caribe” will take place from June 7 to June 11 2016. It is a trail running race in 5 stages to discover the wild nature of the island while running. The friendly and relaxed environment, which marks the event, will allow all runners to get close to this sport, with the right approach in safety and in good company. On the other hand, the expert and competitive athletes will be given the chance to face a landscape where the wild nature still rules. All of them will enjoy the race. The event is also open to Walkers and Nordic Walkers.

Laulasmaa Ultra / Estonia

The Laulasmaa Ultra provides an opportunity for any runner to participate in the longest distance running and walking event held in Estonia. The maximum distance of the course is equal to 10 laps of 21.1 km equal to five complete marathons (in other words 211 km to run before to reach the finish line !).

This Ultra is held in Laulasmaa, a summertime hot-spot located just 30 km west of the Estonian capital city, Tallinn. Laulasmaa is famous for its sandy beaches and clean seawater. The starting/finishing point is in the camping area of the RMK Meremõisa (Seamanor), which is between the Lohusalu gulf and a slated seafront, in a 200 year old coastal forest.

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Dolomiti Extreme Trail / Italia

A magical journey, full of emotions, in a protected environment, officially UNESCO world heritage. Due to its circular structure, The Val di Zoldo boasts a ring-shaped route (Anello Zoldano) that allows anyone to touch some of the most spectacular dolomite massifs that crowns the valley.

The participants will discover wild protected territories like the MEZZODI area and the National Park of the Dolomities in the Belluno Province, the S.SEBASTIANO – TAMER mountains, but also one of the most colossal rocky sequences of the Dolomites, the MOIAZZA and the CIVETTA and the Mount PELMO, isolated and grandious. They will run the Mount RITE with the “Museum in the Clouds” (Messner Mountain Museum) and the BOSCO NERO area.

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