[Covid 19]: Examples of races to follow!

Examples of ITRA COVID-19 Race Organizers Standard Operating Guidelines implementation.

Some organizers were able to run their races in this unusual period that is COVID-19 by following their countries mandatory requirements as well as ITRA guidelines.

We remind that ITRA operational guideline for race organizers in time of COVID-19 is available in five languages.

The examples below show how organizers have put in place the recommended good practices to preserve the safety of the runners, staff and public.

The first Portuguese race taking place after the lock down period, Trail Porto Da Cruz Natura, took place on 19 July 2020 and set a strong example to be followed:

The departure occurred in several waves, with runners placed in previously marked spots assuring social distancing.
Before entering the start line area, each participant had their temperature taken and was required to wear a mask for the first 200m of the race.

With the exception of the overall winners prize giving ceremony was eliminated and individual prizes were picked on a specific place where masks were mandatory.
On the podiums social distancing was also respected:
Watch the start of this race

It was a similar story for the Vodno Matka Trail race that took place in Northern Macedonia in Skopje on July 19, 2020, with masks and systematic hand disinfection mandatory for race bib distribution.

Each runner had their temperature taken before the race, a distance of at least one meter was required on the start line as well as the wearing of masks for the departure of the race.
The award ceremony was also carefully planned to ensure the safety of all athletes and staff mask worn by all. Another great example for us all to follow.

Masks worn during bib delivery by all people involved

Routine hand disinfection.
Taking the temperature of the participants before the departure.

Masked runners maintain their distance at the start line.
Aid stations also required the wearing of masks and systematic hand disinfection.

finish line
Masked runners at the finish line.

Another good example from Spain with: "Los 3 Días Trail Ibiza" taking place on July 12, 2020. 150 runners set off in waves of 6 runners, spaced more than one meter apart. With the waves starting every 10 seconds.

Take a look at this video to see all the measures put in place to limit the possible propagations of covid-19.

Here is an additional example from Aravaipa Running organization. Have a look at their Covid Operating Plan
Covid operating plan

We look forward to passing on more good practices of our ITRA member organizers. If you have images or videos from your races that you would like us to share, please send them to us at contact@itra.run with the subject: "RACE MEDIA, COVID19 Guideline + (Name of your race)". Please place all images and videos in a in a compressed ZIP file.

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