COVID-19 Instructions

Message from the ITRA Medical and Health Commission on COVID-19:

"Our first recommendation is to urge you to follow the instructions given by your respective governments.

Concerning your sports practice, we recommend that people with chronic diseases should cease sports activities altogether.
People who do not have chronic illnesses and are in good health can practice moderate activity. Social distancing is of utmost importance. Currently there are some countries that are not allowing pubic sporting activities due to quarantine. Please follow your local regulations.

Recommendations concerning sport practice:

  • Exhaustive efforts, such as racing, cause short term immune suppression and therefore is not recommended.
  • Practice social distancing by avoiding group sport activities.
  • Sport related injury would add undue stress to an overly saturated health care system, please use extra caution while doing physical activity.

For Organizers, please inform us when your governments authorize the resumption of your events. Refer to your local regulations regarding postponement or cancellation of events.

For more information on COVID-19, read the article written by iRunFar. This article is updated regularly based on scientific and medical data collected by the editorial staff.

We wish you all the best in caring for yourself and your loved ones."

The ITRA Medical and Health Commission.

Message for Organizers

In response to the current situation regarding the COVID-19, many race organizers are having to postpone or cancel their event(s).

We are trying our best to help make this process as easy as possible, please read the following information carefully to see how to manage any changes to your event.

  1. Your race is postponed to another date in 2020 :Simply connect to your ITRA account and edit the start date of all the races.
    To do so, click on the name of the race you wish to changes (See the example here), enter the new race date and save.
    If the race is already evaluated, the evaluation will not be affected by this update. (ITRA points will remain)
    If your race is a qualifying race for UTMB®, no further actions are required, the update will be made automatically.

  2. If you are still unsure if your race will be postponed to another date in 2020 or if it will be canceled:
    If you do not currently know if the race will take place or be canceled, you do not need to make any changes, please ignore email reminders to upload your result file.
    When you do know what you will do with your race:
    -> If the race is postponed in 2020: please refer to point n°1.
    -> If the race is canceled for 2020: please refer to point n°3.

  3. Your race is canceled for 2020:
    Please give us the following information: ITRA number of the race and/or Name of the race and distance

We will then cancel the race and you will no longer receive reminder to upload results for 2020.
We also invite ITRA members to send race evaluation request for 2021 before the end of your current membership

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