Estonia: Estonia Ultra-Trail® Race 2019 EUTR

The second edition of Estonia Ultra-Trail Race which will takes place on the 9th - 10th August 2019 in Estonia, Ida-Virumaa region, in Narvain. Magical and really cameral race, which is organized by noncommercial association, the sports club: SK ETR - SPORDIKLUBI ESTONIA TRAIL RUNNING.
In the program of EUTR you will find the following distances:

  • T120: Ultra-Trail - 126 km, 4 ITRA points, 46 starting numbers - 15 EUR,
  • T60: Trail - 63 km, 3 ITRA points, 97 starting numbers - 25 EUR,
  • T30: Trail - 33 km, 1 ITRA points, 97 starting numbers - 50 EUR.

The race start is located near historic town Narva and goes through spruce and pine forest continuing along the sandy coast line. The turning point is at 31km and the trail comes back from there to finish area where 62km competitors finish the race and 124km competitors are going to continues the second lap. Race terrain is mostly flat. It means that runners can run really fast, although mostly race trail is “off-road”.

Estonia Ultra Trail Facebook NarvainEstonia Ultra Trail Facebook NarvainEstonia Ultra Trail Facebook Narvain

Photo credits: AUTORI FOTO

Registration open until: 31.05.2019.

To read more:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EstoniaUltraTrail/

Website: https://eut.trailrunning.ee/

Italy: Monterosa EST Himalyan Trail

Macugnaga (ITALY), beneath the highest mountain face in Europe, Saturday July 27th, 2019!

MACUGNAGA (Italy) – Monterosa EST Himalayan Trail (MEHT) is back with the second edition on Saturday July 27th, 2019 with a lot of news!

The race organized by Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. will take place on Saturday instead of Sunday to allow everyone spend the entire weekend on the Walser ethnicity village of Macugnaga (Z’Makana) - a location just one hour from Milan inside the alpine chain between Italy and Switzerland.

The central localization of the event is in Pecetto Sport Centre inside the "MEHT Village" where all races starting/finish.

Races available:

  • "The Epic" 60km race (4500m D+),
  • the new individual race - 38km (2900m D+),
  • the 23km (1600m D+),
  • a brand new race - 15km (1000m D+).

If you like Team Spirit you can choose a Relay race - 38K + 22km (2900 m + 1600 m D+)!

The organizers have also a special race for families too: the Walser Mini Trail - 4 Km. Which is held on Sunday at 10:30.

Are you a sunrises lover?
At the start line of 60km and 38km the sun will light up Monte Rosa EAST face, so is there any better time than this to start the competition? It will be the moment where everyone will find courage and energies to face an epic journey in the Alps.

Why East Himalayan?
The EAST face of Monte Rosa is the highest mountain face in Europe and the only one in “Himalayan Style” inside the old continent. A 2.600m drop with 4 km within at the end of Anzasca Valley inside Piedmont region. From Macugnaga village you can admire a great part of the mountain range and it's very impressive how close you can be next to it.

Registration open until: 30th of June 2019.

EST MEHT Monterosa EST Himalyan TrailMEHT Monterosa EST Himalyan Trail Facebook

Photo credits: Walter Moroni, Aringa Studio

Registration open until: 30th of June 2019.

For more information:
Website: www.MEHT.it

United Kingdom: Peak District Challenge

Event date: 21-22 September 2018

The Peak District Challenge is a picturesque trekking challenge that offers five levels of difficulty, in five races for hill walkers and runners: 
  • 10km (Back before Dark),
  • then 25km (Copper),
  • 50km (Bronze),
  • 75km (Silver)
  • or 100km (Gold Ultra).
It's organized by Wilderness Development, an established outdoor activity company based in the Peak District.

It’s a race against the clock to see if you can cover 10 km and be "Back Before Dark", or complete the Copper Challenge in 9 hours, the Bronze challenge in 12 hours or the Silver or Gold challenge within 24 hours.

The Peak District Challenge is supported by local businesses and organizations. It is not only a race but also the event which support the charity organization.

Peak District Challenge United Kingdom facebook

Photo credits: Peak Distirict Challange

Registration open until: 30 August 2019.

All about the event:

Colombia: Chicamocha Canyon Race

Temperatures between 12 and 42 degrees Celsius, several vertical kilometers, trails in stone, varied flora and fauna, spectacular landscapes, a high difficulty of the route, contrasts of vegetation, weather and altitude, historic and colonial towns and more, you will find it in the Sixth Edition of the CHICAMOCHA CANYON RACE.

Do not miss the appointment and live this wonderful experience.
From the 1st to 4th of June 2019, there will be for the sixth consecutive year of the most expected Trail Running Race in Colombia.

You have several distances to choose:
  • 100 miles: 6 ITRA points
  • 116 km: 5 ITRA points
  • 75 km: 4 ITRA points
  • Maraton: 2 ITRA points
  • Media Maratón: 1 ITRA point.

The Great Chicamocha Canyon, San Gil capital of adventure sports in Colombia and along other 9 municipalities (Curití, Aratoca, Cepita, Piedecuesta, Los Santos, Jordán, Villanueva, Barichara y Cabrera) and the National Park of Chicamocha (PANACHI) will be an arena for this great event.

The race consists of walking or running through the mountains, along footpaths, royal roads, secondary roads, crossing streams, ancient bridges, with great ascents and technical descents. San Gil, as tourist capital of Santander and the neighbor municipalities with their tourist vocation promises a developed and enough infrastructure, one that offers magic places, cultural activities and adventures for all the Trail Running family to leave with an unforgettable experience.

From the 1rst to 4th of June you will witness the steps of the best Colombian and International Runners. The race will take you to discover magical place, lush landscapes and towns charged with history and culture. You will have a chance also to feel the hospitality and sincerity of the people from Santander

The Great Chicamocha Canyon Facebook Race
Chicamocha Canyon Race ITRAChicamocha Canyon Race ITRA

Official Promo Movie:

Photo credits: Chicamocha Canyon Race

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