Who's your national representative? Find out! 

We are pleased to invite you to discover the list of national representatives who has been elected for four years.

Representing the representative's community as a whole in dealings with the elected officials and the permanent team of ITRA means:
  • Representing all the sporting or organiser members of their country at the ITRA's Annual General Meeting
  • Listening to the runners and the organizers from the representative's country and informing ITRA of the issues raised
  • Ensuring that the runners and organizers of the representative's country are informed of the activities and services offered by ITRA
  • Representing the association at events or gatherings of athletes in the representative's country 
As a true mediator representing the national community, the National Representative must be active, reactive and proactive. Once elected, the representative undertakes to be fully committed to supporting and advancing the healthy and sustainable development of trail running in the representative's country, respecting the trail running values promoted by ITRA.

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