New service: ITRA Start List

We are delighted to present you a new service for organizer members: 

ITRA Start List!

We believe that this new feature will become exceedingly popular among our community and we hope that it will help in the execution of trail running events. We also hope that it will become a commonly used and recognizable ITRA service among the community of organizer members.

What is it?

It is the list with the individual Performance Index of all the runners that registered into a race.

The ITRA Start list will take an organizer's race start list and return it with the ITRA performance Index corresponding to the runners registered in that race.
To learn more about ITRA Performance Index, consult our Performance Index FAQ here.

start line

How does this benefit organizers?

-> The main use of this service is to allow the organizers to allocate the bibs and/or organize the starting line according to the level of runners. 

-> During covid-19, it’s recommended to start all races in waves, and by using the ITRA start list “slowdowns”, congestion and passing on the trails will be reduced. 

-> The start list will also help organizers create appropriate content and better promote their events.

ligne de départ

What is the cost of the service to organizers?

All ITRA organiser members will have access to this service at no additional cost.

How does this benefit runners?

With a starting line organized accordingly with the individual Performance Index, runners will be placed with runners of a similar level ensuring a fluid start and avoiding congestion.

ligne de départ

How does it work?

ITRA will cross check the starting list of the race, with our database of 1.7 million runners and will generate an updated list with each runner's current Performance Index.

Are you an organizer and do you want to have access to this additional service?

If you are an existing member, log in and follow the instructions here 

If you are not yet our member just create an account here 

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