Races of the week - May 9-15

Each week, ITRA proposes to discover trail-running races from around the world. This week, we are going to travel from Denmark to Australia, but also Italia, Slovenia and Cyprus. The world is trail ! 

Firkløver 50/50 / Denmark 

From the cobblestone streets of the Renaissance to the singletracks in the dense forest of rolling grasslands, lakes and beach, the paticipants could not have a nicer, harder and consistent track in the national park Kings North Zealand.

Each runner will have the choice to run all four leaf in Firkløver 50/50 (Four-leaf clover 50/50), to run a distance of 50 Miles, or to select two leaves and try a distance of 51 Km.


Ultra Trail Vipava Valley / Slovenia

More than 600 runners from 12 countries are expected to run the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley – most of them are from Slovenia (81 %) and Italy (10 %). Runners will compete on three different trails: 110 km, 50 km and 25 km (263 runners).

The longest, 110-kilometer trail makes a circle above the Vipava Valley. From AjdovšÄina, the centre of the valley, the diverse trail ascends to the plateau Gora, and from there on its edge, past natural Otlica window to the peaks of mount Mali Golak (1495 m), mount ÄŒaven and Kucelj on the northern edge of the Valley. The route offers picturesque views from the Adriatic Sea to the Julian Alps, running through the deep Trnovo forest and steep descent into the valley, to the lowest point of the trail (70 m) in the valley. At the ascent of the southern slopes of the Valley the trail joins with 50-kilometer trail. It follows old paths through vineyards, orchards and small villages with hospitable locals. Mid May is just the right time to the taste the early Vipava cherries. Short 25-kilometer route completes a circle around the Vipava valley with steep ascent to mount Nanos (1313 m), running through the woods and downhill towards the finish line.


Ultra-Trail Australia / Australia

The breath taking trails located in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park of Australia was the obvious choice to establish the Ultra-Trail Australia. Starting in 2008 as The North Face 100 and Marathon Pairs, the 50km was introduced in 2013. Ultra-Trail Australia has captivated runners locally and internationally and It has quickly grown to become one of the most talked about endurance events in Australian history.

The 100 Km is an amazing race with stunning views, lots of stairs and an elevation gain of 4,300m. For other runners, the Ultra-Trail Australia 50 was introduced in 2013 and has quickly stepped out of the shadow of the 100km event to become an iconic event in its own right. As a shorter ultra, the 50km is a perfect race for runners taking on their first ultra. This challenging 50km course for 2 300m of elevation gain follows the second half of the 100km route through the Kedumba Valley. The Pace UTA 22, with 1 200m of elevation gain, will be the perfect introduction for new runners curious about trail and ultra running. This event will also offer runners the opportunity to get a taste for the ultra course.

On the main race, registered in the Ultra-Trail World Tour Series, a lot of elite runners will be ready to fight. For the men, Jono O'Loughlin, Ryan Sandes, Scotty Hawker, Mario Mendoza, Pau Capell and Yun Yan-Qiao will try to win the race. Kellie Emerson, Gill Fowler, Fiona Hayvice, Ildiko Wermescher and Caroline Dubois will try to be the first woman to reach the finish line. 


Two Castles Mountain Ultra / Cyprus

175 runners will be on the trails of the Kyrenia mountain, in northern Cyprus. The race will start below the Crusader castle in Kantara. Along the historic tracks and footpaths used by monks in the past, runners will reach a second Crusader castle in Buffavento. Then, they will have to climb to the top of the castle (200m D+ in 1,5 km), and the first man and woman to reach the top will be elected "King and Queen of the Castle". 

On returning to Earth, participants will have to run the last stretch, with a steep ridge, before to finally start the slow descent to the Bellapais village,where will be the finish line. Entrants this year include all the top trail runners of Cyprus as well as many international runners. Three times winner David Simpson of Britain will be ready on the start line to break his own record of 9hours 2 mins !


Trail 3 Castelli / Italia

The "Trail 3 Castelli" takes runners through the Julian Alps passing over the peaks of Monte Cuarnan and Monte Chiampon, which with his "vertikal" trail, the participants will be literally breathless. The effort will be rewarded with the view that extends to the sea and quiet passages nearby castles and into the city centres that will surprise you for their timeless appeal!

The runners will have the choice between two trail-running races : a 50 Km and 3500m of elevation gain, and a shorter distance of 33 Km and 2000m of elevation gain. 


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