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ITRA gives you an overview of what is happening this weekend on the trail-running planet. What do you prefer as a trail runner? Crossing virgin landscapes, discovering beautiful and unknown lakes, adventure yourself in dark forests full of high pines or running on the most impressive world's mountain tops...?!

Ecotrail Praz de Lys-Sommand - France

The 2016 edition of Ecotrail Praz de Lys-Sommand will take place in Haute-Savoie on Sunday, 18th of September. They will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this event !

To an altitude of more than 1500 m, the amazing plateau of Sommand is situated in the heart of the most beautiful mountains pastures of Faucigny, in a pure, idyllic and preserved nature. New routes will be proposed 11 km, 26 km and 47 km, in individual, duo or relay races. As usual, the "Village Territoire Montagnard" will be there to give some advices to people practising mountain sports.

Ecotrail focus on a sustainable development model with the willingness to organize races environmentally responsible. Reusable cups, banners, panels, marking and organic food are used on this event.

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Tre Cime Experience by Scarpa® - Italy

The idea is to propose a weekend dedicated to mountain running, with the desire to deliver a thrilling event and to make hundreds of athletes from all over the world enthusiast and happy to share the experience. The Tre Cime Experience by Scarpa® includes a Vertical race on Friday night, Auronzo Vertical Contest, a kid’s race on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday morning the two paramount races: Misurina Sky Marathon, 42km, and Cadini Sky Race, 20km.

The Misurina Sky Marathon, qualifying race for the UTMB®, combines 42km with over 3000m of elevation gain, starting at Misurina Lake, passing by Antorno Lake, reaching the Cadini Group, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, and the Paternkofler, and finishing back in Misurina, in front of La Baita Restaurant.

The Misurina Sky Marathon is the one and only race that runs all around the Tre Cime Di Lavaredo - Dolomiti UNESCO World Heritage: 42km of absolute beauty for an unforgettable experience!

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Mogollon Monster 100 - AZ, USA

The Mogollon Monster 100 is a rugged, challenging trail race taking place about 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix, Arizona just outside the small town of Pine, Arizona. This is an advanced degree endurance race of 100 miles. The race navigates its way up, down, around and through the beautiful Mogollon Rim (Pronounced: mug-ee-yun or muggy-own by locals).


The Mogollon Rim rises out from the earth some 2,000 feet for a span of 200 miles across Arizona and into New Mexico, defining much of the eastern part of the state. This Rim takes the race from elevations of 5,300 feet at the start to upwards of 8,000 feet at the top of the Rim, changing ecosystems along the way in distinct flora changes as the elevation changes switch the scenery from high Sonoran Desert to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.

The race covers roughly 100 miles, climbing the Rim in four separate locations spending a lot of miles along the Rim, on top of the Rim and the challenging climbs up and down with climbs and descents at 30-45% grades at a some points.This is a very technical course and one of the most technical 100 milers in North America. That coupled with the terrain, moderate elevation, and intense Arizona sun, this race will certainly take its toll on each runner. One of the race organizer, Jeremy Dougherty, says "It's a place that never really lets go of you, with trails that never let up on you".

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Trail Sacred Forests - Italy

"Woods as the eye, meadows, clear streams, waterfalls and mountains", is the National Park of Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna, to the ridge riding Apennines that separates Tuscany from Romagna. In this environment, one of the last unspoiled areas of Europe, living and thriving flora and exceptional fauna, rich in species now rare or extinct elsewhere.

The Trail Sacred Forests tracks are almost totally concentrated through the beautiful paths of the National Park. The UltraTrail Medio (82km - 4200D+) and the Trail lungo (50km - 2800D+) cross locations of extraordinary natural beauty like the Ridracoli Dam, real example of human engineering and nature harmony and also locations of considerable historical and religious importance like the Camaldoli Hermitage and the La Verna Sanctuary.

The centrality of Badia Prataglia, as compared with the naturalistic and tourist activity related to the Park, has already been confirmed by the performance of events at national and international character, as of Trail World Championship scheduled June 10, 2017.

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