Become the National Representative of ITRA! 

Vote for your National Representative from Saturday 30th March to Saturday 5th April 2019!  
Are you a member of ITRA? Check that your subscription is paid up to date so that you can vote. 

Would you like to take on the challenge of becoming the ITRA representative of the runners or the organizers of your country?  Send your application to: before Sunday, 3 March 2019.

The role of the National Representative

Representing the representative's community as a whole in dealings with the elected officials and the permanent team of ITRA means:
  • Listening to the runners and the organizers from the representative's country and informing ITRA of the issues raised
  • Ensuring that the runners and organizers of the representative's country are informed of the activities and services offered by ITRA
  • Representing the association at events or gatherings of athletes in the representative's country 
As a true mediator representing the national community, the National Representative must be active, reactive and proactive. Once elected, the representative undertakes to be fully committed to supporting and advancing the healthy and sustainable development of trail running in the representative's country, respecting the trail running values promoted by ITRA.

National Representative

fleche All you need to know about the national representatives:

How to become a candidate for election?

According to the statutes of the ITRA, for an election to be held in a given country there must be a minimum number of members up to date of contribution 60 days before the election (3 for the organizers, 10 for the runners). Consult the list of countries concerned.

 bule You must be able to speak, read and write English in order to facilitate fluent communications with other elected members of ITRA and the permanent team.
check point You must have been a member of ITRA when you candidate.
email Send an email to before Sunday, 3 March 2019, including the following information in a PDF document (one page maximum):  
  • A list of the races you have run or organized since 2016
  • Your current employment status (profession, other commitments) 
  • Any involvement in other associations and federations. If so, which?
  • Your reasons for being interested in becoming a National Representative?
  • Please attach a photo of yourself 
Email subject line: Application to stand as National Runner Representative (or National Organizer Representative) + YOUR COUNTRY

Your application must not be longer than a maximum of one page (All applications that are more than one page (one-sided) will not be considered). 

Best wishes to all candidates!
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