Races of the week - March 4-6

Each week, lTRA proposes to discover trail running races around the world. This week, we are travelling to France and the « Black Mountain Trail », and we will make a stop in China to present the « CH50 ». But also, we will speak about the famous « Transgrancanaria » and present the « NomadsRun » in the Morrocan desert. 

*** Black Mountain Trail - France, March 6 ***

Start of the « Black Mountain Trail » will be saturday, in the south of France (Saint Armans Soult). More than 1000 runners are registered to discover a typical race. Runners of seven different countries and from all France will must be strong to reach the summit of the Black Mountain : « Pic de Nore ». Snow and cold will be with runners, but, fortunately, supporters will warm all courageous trailers !

Three races are opened : 18 Km, 1000D+, 36 Km, 2340 D+, 55 Km, 3500 D+ (4 ITRA points). Runners can not miss the « Trail Night » to end this day : more than 700 persons will participate to this mountain festival !


*** TransGranCanaria - Gran Canaria, March 4-6 ***

Every runner knows the « Transgrancanaria ». Unforgettable race in the ultra-trail world, 3rd round of the Ultra-trail World Tour. In 2003, they were 65 runners to dream of this challenge. This year, they will be more or less 1400 to try to cross the Gran Canaria from north to south : 125 km, 8300D+ in less than 30 hours…

Runners have the choice between different races to try their own limits : « Advanced » : 83 Km, 4700D+ in less than 22 hours, « Marathon » : 44km, 1365D+ in less than 12 hours, « Starter » : 32 km, 828 D+ in less than 10 hours, « Promo » : 17 km, 470 D+ in less than 6 hours. Elite runners will try to win this famous trail-running race, and hundreds of runners will try to reach the south of Gran Canaria in less than 30 hours. For all of them, they will must be able to push their limits to be finisher !


*** CH50 - China, March 6 ***

CH50 is one of the most beautiful and challenging country trail race of Conghua in Guangdong province in China. All runs take place on rugged, single track trail with significant challenging climbs, steep descents, large rocks and incredible views such as clouds, flowers, streams, waterfalls, especially the bamboo groves is typical sight. The race offer a challenging but rewarding experience for all, from the beginning trail runners to the most experienced ultra trail marathoners.

Organizers believe that every run is a talking about ourselves’body. CBN (the name of the organizers) means « challenges Begin Now » : All is said…

*** NomadsRun Ultra NR 56 Km - Morocco, March 5 ***

Do you want to cross the Marrakech desert ? Then, the Nomadsrun Ultra is for you. Agafay desert beauty and heat will be alongside the runners.  

The Nomadsrun is an eco and solidarity race : 10 % of price registrations are donated to local solidarity founds, to preserve the area. Friends and runners’ family are welcomed to support them. Many events are organized during the race for supporters and a closing party is scheduled after the race. 


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