WMTRC: The Opening Ceremony

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Athletes from forty-nine countries have arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and are fine-tuning their final preparations for the big event. Many of them have already scoped out the course and the consensus is that it’s tough, varied and beautiful. The opening ceremony allowed the athletes to reflect on the fact that they have been selected to represent their nation – for many a lifelong dream and the proudest of moments. The World Championships are a unique event. They offer an incredible opportunity to compete against the best athletes from all over the world for both personal and national pride, always in a spirit of friendship.


Janet NG, President of ITRA, shares her thoughts:

« I’m completely thrilled about this first combined World Mountain and Trail Running Championships. It is a true milestone for our sport. This year, the best of the best from 49 countries / territories are competing in 5 events, including a race for the under 20s. It is the most competitive race in the world and the pinnacle of trail and mountain running.

All the top runners treasure the opportunity to run for their country / territory and compete at the very highest level. As well as to travel to such a beautiful and exotic location and make friends from all over the world and memories to treasure forever. There is simply no equivalent to the WMTRC and I hope that every athlete enjoys every moment of the experience.

Looking to the future, I hope that the WMTRC will continue expanding the number of runners and teams participating. It is a great showcase of incredible athleticism, gorgeous locations and the best of the human spirit.”



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