Trails of the Month - January 2017

Let's have a quick overview of the Trail La Corsa Della Bora, that led you to discover unexpected paths between Italy and Slovenia, and the well-known Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra-Trail®, part of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, that welcomed a lot of top runners at the start line on the 14th of January !


La Corsa Della Bora - Italy / Slovenia

The Trail Corsa Delle Bora offers you a view of the magnificent Gulf of Trieste between Italy and Slovenia, in an alternation of fast terrain, steep ascents, fast descends reminding the Dolomites, and breathtaking views over a turquoise sea. A tough path, full of surprises. Lashed by Bora wind, or kissed by an almost spring sun, you overlook the see in a beautiful Alpine scenario.

S1 Trail (about 53 Km for 2000m D+) and S1 Half (21 Km for 400m D+) are two challenging distances accessible by most of trail runners, also for those new to this sport. Both races offer a varied course, with fast sections in alternation with technical points and a necessary number of refreshment and assistance points. Path markings are widespread and don’t leave room for doubt to which path to take. You can’t get lost !


S1 Ipertrail (167 km for 5350m D+), that took place the 5th of January, embodies the spirit of adventure and expedition with a format reserved for only the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts and to whom marries this philosophy. GPS navigation and satellite tracking, an innovative concept of refreshment points and a path that leads to the beach where you are close to the mountains with a meter of snow...These are the characteristics that distinguish S1 Ipertrail from other races, for hardness, beauty and uniqueness of the format. Respect for nature, values of trail-running and fair play are the pillars of this experience.

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Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra-Trail® - Hong Kong

The Vibram® Hong Kong 100 is an ultra endurance race that takes place in Hong Kong. The 100km course starts in Pak Tam Chung on the Sai Kung Peninsula and covers some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong, including remote and unspoilt beaches, ancient forests, nature trails, reservoirs and steep hills. The course is based around Hong Kong's famous Maclehose Trail, but with some diversions to ensure that runners spend more time in its most scenic sections, as well as finishing with the descent from Hong Kong's highest peak (Tai Mo Shan). The course involves a cumulative elevation gain of over 4500 meters and the cut-off time is 30 hours. This is a unique, challenging and beautiful run for the trail running enthusiasts and a chance to take part in an unforgettable event.

This year, the HK100 had the pleasure to welcome many top runners like: Li Dong (CHN), Linming Chen (CHN) who finished secondLongfei Yan (CHN), Yan-Qiao Yun (CHN) who won first placeJordi Gamito (ESP), Núria Picas (ESP) who won first place, Javier Dominguez (ESP), Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (ESP), Julien Chorier (FRA), Lisa Borzani (ITA), Daniel Jung (ITA) who finished second, Sangé Sherpa (NEP), Marie McNaughton (NZL) who reached the third placeDavid Laney (USA), Tim Tollefson (USA), Sage Canaday (USA) who reached the third place, Seth Swanson (USA), Kazufumi Oose (JPN), Yoshikazu Hara (JPN), Didrik Hermansen (NOR) and Vlad Ixel (AUS). 

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