Trails of the week - May 30/June 5

Each week, ITRA proposes to discover trail-running races from around the world. This week, we are going to travel from Norway to United States, but also Portugal. The world is trail ! 

The Artic Triples Lofoten Ultra-Trail / Norway

In the never ending light of the midnigh sun, with 24hours of daylight,  Lofoten UltraTrail is the race in The Arctic Triple that truly takes a grab on the entire group of islands from Reine to Svolvær. The 100 miles distance starts in Reinefjorden and then goes through an amazing track over mountain ridges, over and past white beaches, around green hills and grey cliffs – almost the entire time with the ocean in view or just meters from your feet. The finish line is in the scenic city of Svolvær, surrounded by steep mountains by the harbor.

The Lofoten Ultra-Trail, the first ever 100 miles distance race in Norway, will start with a short boat ride from Reine, through the magical Reinefjorden to the starting line at Kirkefjord. And for the runners who don't want to run the difficult of a 100 miles distance, other distances are also organized. With a 50 miles route and a 24 Km route, all participants will have the possibilty to run in the Artic Triple. For sure, an unforgettable race.®/4878-100-miles

Oh Meu Deus / Portugal

Oh Meu Deus (in english, Oh my God !) ! This universal interjection means disbelief for something that runners encounter during the race....Oh My God was born in 2011 in Manteigas, and was the first race with trail running 100km in Portugal.

The OMD Serra da Estrela is one of the the greatest proof of Portugal, and the only 100 miles. The originality of the name means also the difficulties participants will encounter along the way. An extensive and great unevenness route, with a number of difficulties inherent in prolonged effort, the altitude, the temperature ranges and you'll have a true difficult race. If the 100 miles route will be the distance for the longest race of the event, other distances are also avalaible for each runner : a 100 Km distance, but also a 70 Km, 40 Km and a 20 Km.

Cayuga Trails 50 / US

In only a few years, with gracious support from generous sponsors, the Cayuga Trails has become one of the most competitive 50's in the US, a US Championship, and one of only a few selection races for the IAU World Trail Team.

Beyond the front runners though the real focus for the organizers is to provide all entrants, regardless of speediness, a chance to run some of the most beautiful trails in this part of the world. From continuous and sometimes steep ebbs and flows, waterfalls cascading through slot gorges, single track to runnable park service trails, creek crossings to historic stone stair cases that test the limits of lower extremities, it's truly a gem.

On the start line, elite runners registered will try to win the selection for the IAU World Trail Team. For the men, Dylan Bowman, Jorge Maravilla, Tyler Sigl, Matthew Flaherty, Brian Rusiecki, Jared Burdick, Ben Nephew and Zachary Ornelas will be on the start line. For the women, Caitlin Smith, Amanda Basham, Sabrina Little, Corrine Malcolm, Amy Rusiecki and Healther Hoechst will try to win the selection. 

Other races also on the international calendar this week :

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