Changes in the Leadership Team


We inform that late on Saturday the 4th of September Bob Crowley has communicated his resignation from the position of ITRA's President for personal reasons. Due to the pandemic, the needs of his businesses and his direct involvement have increased significantly, leaving to him inadequate time to lead ITRA.


In his resignation letter Bob declared:

"I have strived to guide ITRA to a better place than when I assumed the office. I believe together, we have achieved this goal. We have accomplished independence and steadied the organization through disruptive times of the pandemic.

I commit to executing a smooth transfer of responsibility to our new leadership during the transitional phase as much as time permits.

It has been an honor to serve all of you and our membership."


The whole ITRA community regrets this decision but understands the reasons and is grateful to Bob for having navigated the Association with firm hand through the difficult times of his presidency.


The Secretary General Enrico Pollini has acknowledged the resignation and called for a Steering Committee meeting, due by the end of this week, for managing the transition and reorganized the Leadership Team of ITRA.   

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