IAU World Championships 2015

On May 30th the IAU Trail World Championships took place during the Tecnica MaxiRace in Annecy.

 The departure of the race was at 3:30 AM, 90 minutes before the MaxiRace but on the same 85-kilometer course exactly around the lake of Annecy. The race took 287 runners (178 men and 109 women) representing 39 countries over a 5200m of vertical gain, a new record of participation for a trail world championship.

Departure under lights

©TMR/Timothée Nalet

For the men race, Sylvain Court wins in 8:15, 3 minutes before the Spanish runner Luis Alberto Hernando. Patrick Bringer takes the podium in third position. The French team wins the team race with 5 runners in the top 10, ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom.

For the women race Nathalie Mauclair keeps her world champion title, in 9:30, ahead of her teammate Caroline Chaverot and the Spanish runner Maite Mayora. The French team also wins before Spain and Italy.

It is a « grand slam » for the French at home, congratulations!

Full results here

The role of ITRA

At the request of IAU, ITRA chose the host of these world championships. Stéphane Agnoli and his MaxiRace team have been chosen without hesitation, given the seriousness and the popularity of their event.

IAU has decided to make this competition annual (it was held every 2 years until now). Thus there is a big job of debriefing and discussion between ITRA, IAU and IAAF to make this great event lasting and always more beautiful.

As part of the Health Policy set by the MaxiRace with ITRA and the association AFT 71 runners were blood tested before the departure (the 10 best men and women along with the best runners of each country according to the ITRA Performance Index). This initiative is a way to promote more transparency and prevention in the medical follow-up of trail athletes.

We thank all the athletes who welcomed the process with interest!

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