Here is a selection of upcoming trails in March. From the Addo Elephant Trail Run in South Africa, which offers a great meeting with the flora and fauna of the Addo Elephant National Park to the Ultra Marine Challenge which showcases the beauty of the California coast, going on to Nepal with the Mira Rai's Stupa to Stupa and its magical-sounding Kathmandu, not forgetting many other tours and surprises.

Addo Elephant Trail Run 2018 : South Africa

March 2nd: Not far from Port Elizabeth, in South Africa, three races of 43.8 km (1350m D+), 76.5 km (2190m D+) and 160.5 km (4660m D+) will take place across the Addo Elephant National Park. This famous park is home to more than 600 elephants and other wildlife in abundance. Adventure and nature are the best words to describe this race. 


If running through a huge landscape surrounded by wild animals, coupled with incredible distances and corresponding mental challenges, then this race is perfect for you! The runners will encounter a large number of river crossings, and will also face some challenging climbs bringing expansive views that are simply amazing. It is important to note that these three races bring ITRA points : 160.5km - 6 Points ITRA | 76.5km - 4 Points ITRA | 43.8km - 2 Points ITRA

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Desafío en las Nubes - Mexico

March 3rd: The first edition of Desafío en las Nubes by UTMX will take place on March 3rd in the magic town of Xicotepec de Juarez in Puebla, Mexico. This is the first "child" race of the well known Ultra Trail in Mexico, that declares to be a smaller event in number of runners and distances, but not in quality.

desafio en las nubes

The course was designed with the collaboration of local people, mostly farmers, coffee and ginger producers using ancient trails. The beauty of this race lies in trails used to connect small towns in the very deep of the Sierra Norte of Puebla state, 150km northeast of Mexico City. For Desafío en las Nubes there are three races: 60km (3.620mD+) 4 ITRA points, 40km (3.050mD+) 2 ITRA points, 21km (960mD+) 1 ITRA point. Some of these trails-running cross pristine dense forest, runners will get the chance to run them for the very first time.  

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Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua - Nicaragua

March 3rd: Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua will take place on March, 3rd, in Nicaragua, in Playa Santo Domingo. It is a series of trail runs like no other. It is not going to be easy to make it to the finish line, it is requiered to be prepared. The runners will have the opportunity to run around, up and down 2 volcanoes in a small island in Nicaragua :  Ometepe. This island formed by two volcanes, is located right in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, it has all it needs to have an epic run.

Fuego y Agua

The terrain includes dirt trail, sandy beach, paved road, very technical single track trail, sometimes with mud and thick forest. To realize the ascent and descent of the Concepcion and Madera’s volcanoes they are three races : 28.3km with 1540mD+ which bring 2 ITRA points, 50.8km with 2940mD+ which bring 3 ITRA points and 103.1km with 6050mD+ which bring 5 ITRA points.

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Marin Ultra Challenge 2018 - California, US 

March 10th: The Marin Ultra Challenge (MUC), is Marin County long distance trail race. It delivers ample rolling climbs and sweeping descents for which these hills in California are famous. March 10th marks the 7th edition of this tour of some of Marin’s best trails. Meticulous effort went into the designing of each course for the MUC; all three distances are physically demanding : 25km with 1070mD+, 51km with 2020m D+ that brings 2 ITRA points and 81.3km with 2960m D+ brings 4 ITRA points.

marin ultra challenge

The MUC is known to be exceptionally beautiful. The event begins underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, then traverses the Marin Headlands, and then Mt. Tamalpais followed by a pass-through Muir Woods. Runners will have the chance to discover a range of terrain, from exposed fire-roads with incredible coastal and inland views to tight, technical single-track with redwood canopies.

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Stupa to Stupa - Nepal 

March 24th: A stupa is “a hemispherical structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation” according to Wikipedia. Kathmandu has many stupas, but two that stand apart. One is Boudhanath, a brilliant white mound circumambulated from dawn to dusk by Buddhist faithful. Another is Swayambhu aka ‘The Monkey Temple’ and it is here the race starts, on this hilltop above the sprawling Asian city, just as the monkeys are waking up and looking for breakfast.

stupa to stupa

The race is to connect these two temples, which are separated by only 9 km, by taking the greenest route through the natural forests surrounding the city. The route begins with a 700 m climb to a small hilltop temple with a gentle 12 km descent through old-growth forest. It visits a hermit’s cave, takes in a mountain viewpoint, and a nunnery before descending back into the dusty bustle of the city.

Here Mira Rai started her trail running career and now she invites you to join her for this enjoyable course around her adopted city.

It is good to know : 54.8 km 2890 m D+ 3 ITRA points

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